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Chapter 2823

Accepting A Disciple (2)

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 2823 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Di Fuyi had secretly tried to remove it earlier, but the bracelet was stubbornly intact. He would have lost his temper long ago if someone else had given him something that he did not want and yet had no way to remove. The bracelet was, however, an exception. The more he looked at it, the more he became fond of it.

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu did not believe him. “That is impossible.” How did Little Gold identify its master so quickly?

Di Fuyi understood her concerns, so he offered his hand to her generously. “You may try if you do not believe me.”

Gu Xijiu decided to give it a go herself. Shestretched out one hand to secure his wrist and then tried to remove the bracelet with her other hand, only to prove that the bracelet remained securely fastened. He was right!

Di Fuyi watched as she became occupied with the task at hand and was lost in the moment. Her hands were small and delicate, while her fingers long and slender. Even without any polishing, her nails were naturally toned in pink. He was especially drawn to her soft, supple skin.

He then turned his attention to her face. Her face was silky smooth, as tender as the delicate petals of cherry blossoms. The more he looked at her, the more he was attracted to her plump, sexy lips.

Gu Xijiu was unaware of his gaze as she was busy with the bracelet. Sadly, she realized that the bracelet could not be returned. That was it. Perhaps, it would make things easier if she tried to get her own bracelet off instead.

She refused to believe that she was unable to take off a simple bracelet, so she let go of Di Fuyi’s hand. “All right, I will just give the bracelet away for free.”

Frustrated, she did not care about the item that she had given away. She cared about the pill that she would never get. The thought of spending the rest of her time in the appearance of a young girl terrified her. Gu Xijiu took another look at him and started wondering if she should take the pill from him by force or by threat.

“Would you care for a drink?” Di Fuyi suddenly offered her a bottle gourde of wine. The cap had been unsealed, filling the air with its wonderful aroma.

Gu Xijiu liked to drink. She had tasted many wines to know that the one that he held was a great bottle. Therefore, she put her troubles aside and took out a wine glass. “Yes, please!”

With a smile, Di Fuyi filled her cup.

Gu Xijiu wanted to down it right away but was stopped by a sudden grasp by her wrist. “Drink it later, with the egg,” Di Fuyi added.

His hot palm made her feel uncomfortable, so Gu Xijiu involuntarily pulled her hand away. She looked at the bronze pot and asked, “Are you going to share the egg with me.”

“Yes, in exchange for the bracelet that you have just given to me. I do not like to be indebted to someone else for their kindness.”

“I am not asking for the egg. I want the pill. If you are going to make up for my loss, I would suggest you give me want I want.”

“The pill has to be exchanged for a pair of bracelets, as promised. It would not be appropriate for you to go against your words.”

Gu Xijiu said nothing more.

In the meantime, Di Fuyi continued to cook the egg. He opened up the lid, and the egg smelled really great. He fished the egg out of the pot and cut it into four pieces. “Here, try it,” he offered a portion to her.

Gu Xijiu could not vent her frustration at Di Fuyi. The man was quite a rascal, but he could always come out with proper reasons to defend actions. Hence, she decided to stop arguing with him.

The egg had certainly caught her attention. She never knew that a Candle Dragon’s egg was also separated into two parts – the yolk and the albumen. The yolk was crimson in color, in contrast with the pale shades of blue around it. It looked rather appetizing.

She took her first bite and was immediately impressed. Although the egg was only plainly boiled, the taste was the opposite of plain. It somewhat reminded her of a strong, fruity taste.

Also, she finally got to drink the wine. The perfect combination of the wine and the egg was beyond satisfying! The taste was addictive.

Before she knew it, she already ate the entire portion of the egg. Meanwhile, six cups of wine were downed.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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