Chapter 2809 Reality Became Unreal When The Unreal Became Reality (3)

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It was his final act in his orchestrated master plan.

Gu Xijiu teased him, “Seems like you need a lesson.”

“Humph! How can an imposter be powerful enough to teach me a lesson?” The Monster King bitterly dismissed her words. He took a look at ‘Wu Qianyan’, who was still tied to the pillar. Apparently, losing a chain did not bring her freedom. She was still very securely positioned on the scaffold. At this point, she was so awfully sliced that she was basically unrecognizable. Meanwhile, her body still twitched and trembled in agony. She kept making inaudible utterances as if moaning for help.

Fortunately for her, the executioner was injured on the platform and could not get himself up.

“Get me another executioner and keep the punishment going!” The Monster King had a smug face.

“I am already here. Do you really need to continue torturing her?” Gu Xijiu asked.

“Certainly!” The Monster King then wickedly said, “You have not been able to prove your identity yet, so her punishment should not be mitigated.”

“So, you will only let her go when I defeat you, right?”


“Very well, then.” Gu Xijiu gave her sleeves a flick and said confidently, “Let us begin.”

As soon as she made the announcement, she went straight for the Monster King without wasting any time. She was already launching her first strike.

The Monster King was slightly taken by surprise. He thought that he would be able to trigger Gu Xijiu into a mad fury. Never had he thought that she would handle his sarcasm so calmly.

“Perhaps, the creator of the universe knew how to keep calm at all times,” he thought. She must have been through enough to keep her composure under all circumstances. He assumed that she must have been acting like she did not care about her servant, so there was no point for him to punish her any longer.

Therefore, he decided to go against her will and kept the punishment going. He needed to make sure that ‘Wu Qianyan’ distracted her so that she would be defeated more easily.

With that in mind, he made a command to his men to execute the punishment in a more tortuous manner while he was still battling with Gu Xijiu.

The executioners were briefed beforehand, so as soon as the Monster King commanded, they would slash the body parts where ‘Wu Qianyan’ was the most sensitive. Their knives were all cleansed with saltwater before cutting through her flesh.

The amount of pain that the Monster Princess had to suffer was of an inhuman scale. She could not handle the torment and passed out right away. Unfortunately, it did not take long before the executioners splashed her with a bucket of saltwater to keep her awake. She could not help but scream in agony with heart-wrenching cries.

The Monster King only regarded her cries as sweet melodies to his ears. To his surprise, Gu Xijiu seemed completely unaffected. Her moves were all graceful and smooth without the slightest hesitation. Her martial arts were original and authentically hers, so the Monster King had no idea how to brand her style of fighting.

After a dozen rounds, the Monster King started to regret his decision. Gu Xijiu’s spiritual power was unexpectedly higher than he expected. Every move of hers was charged with immense power. In addition to that, she also kept dazzling her opponent with many different tactics. At first, she started attacking him with a long whip. But all of a sudden, she introduced her sword into the fight. Occasionally, she would use a spell and turn the ground into a desert filled with sand to trap the Monster King.

Usually, practitioners would only choose one element to practice their kung fu. For example, it would either be Gold or Fire. Very few people could master the spiritual power of two different elements. Gu Xijiu was surely an exception. Her moves were very complex, formed by all five elements – Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Therefore, it was difficult to catch up with the unpredictability of her kung fu.

The Monster King kept backing up, almost to the edge of the platform.

While fighting, the Monster King could not help but curse at his sister. The creator of the universe was much stronger than what he was told. Based on the way things were going, he would most probably be defeated at the end.

He intended to win the battle, but the truth was the very opposite of what he had hoped for. As expected, he was slowly losing. A vine suddenly emerged from the ground and entangled his feet. While he was busy freeing himself, he did not see a shining bat that was coming his way. With a swift swing, he was hit right on his waist and suffered in agonizing pain. Pale and defeated, he quickly shifted backward and surrounded himself in his troops.

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