Chapter 2806 Substituting One Person For Another (4)

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Delighted, the Monster King took the pulmonary lobe over to have a look at it before giving it back to Di Fuyi. “Mister, please proceed to Jinxiu Palace and replace this with my sister’s dying lungs.”

The Monster Princess was confused, but could immediately tell that something was not quite right. She continued to make inaudible pulses of crying from the corner. Unfortunately, she could not move or say anything.

Di Fuyi threw her a quick glance and said, “Your Majesty, this woman is equipped with some spiritual power. I am afraid that muting her speech will not be enough. What if she breaks free and starts making noise in the streets?”

“That is easy. I shall cut her tongue away!” He walked briskly towards the Monster Princess and secured her chin. The look in her eyes was filled with horror and fright, but that did not stop the Monster King. A sharp knife was then presented in front of her.

With a clean-cut, blood was spilled all over the place, and her entire tongue was cut away. She trembled in pain as soon as her tongue was cut. Her trembling body clearly showed her fear. She was in so much pain that she almost passed out.

The Monster King thought that the bloody scene was filthy, so he let go of the Monster Princess and watched as she crashed to the ground in agony.

“Come here!”

Two soldiers approached.

“Take her to the prisoner’s carriage and send her away to the execution ground!” The Monster King commanded.

Alarmed, the Monster Princess was confused by her brother’s brutality. She disregarded the pain and tried very hard to crawl over to the Monster King’s legs, but was given a hard kick before she even made it close. Finally, she lay flat on the ground, with barely any strength to spare.

The Monster King refused to look at her any longer and walked right out of the cell along with Di Fuyi. “Mister, we should do it while it is fresh and warm. Take this pulmonary lobe and save my sister’s life.”

“Will do,” Di Fuyi reassured before walking away.

The Monster King quietly watched as Di Fuyi walked further into the distance. He disapproved of Di Fuyi’s arrogance and unfriendliness but was impressed by his sensibility to tackle different situations.

With the man’s help, the Monster King believed that his sister would surely survive.

Then, he took a look at the sky and realized that it was almost time to carry out the punishment. He needed to be at the execution ground and personally monitor the entire process as he wanted to know if the creator of the universe would really show up. Arrogantly, he hoped that the weakened creator would show up so that he could teach her a lesson.

He talked with his sister to know more about the details of their earlier encounter. He needed to know about Gu Xijiu’s every move and every spell while fighting the venomous python.From what he observed, the god of creation must have lost a huge part of her spiritual power. Perhaps, she could not even defeat him in her current condition.

The creator of the universe had a spiritual body, so he needed to use the Double Physical and Spiritual Cultivation to increase his power tremendously.After the cultivation, he could then kill her and consume her body and soul as a whole. Her body would be a better supplement than any of the existing pills around. It would surely improve his physical strength and spiritual power.

This was a golden opportunity that he could not afford to miss! He really hoped that the creator would show up. Everything on the execution ground was set up prior to her arrival, so it would be a waste of his meticulous plan if she did not show up.

“She should be here,” he thought.

Wu Qianyan was Gu Xijiu’s one and only servant. Although she was not officially a disciple, he reckoned that Gu Xijiu would still come for her. He then licked his lips in a display of confidence.

The reality was considerably different from the Monster King’s sweet expectation.

‘Wu Qianyan’ was tied to the pillar, and the executioner had been slashing her dozens of times so far, yet, the creator of the universe still had not shown up.

The Monster King began to get worried. Had anything happened to her? There was no reason why she would not show up today.

Had the Emperor Immortal taken her away? The Emperor Immortal was aware of the Monster Kingdom’s current situation so that he might have secretly involved himself in the feud.

Disguised, Gu Xijiu found herself standing among the onlookers. She was delighted to see the Monster Princess being punished. The violent princess had dismembered many innocent people. Today, she finally got a taste of her own medicine.

A sudden voice came interrupting, “Bastard, let go of Qianyan!” A young man could be seen approaching the scaffold.

Gu Xijiu stood upright. Things were not looking good for her now. The young man was Fan Qianshi, her only disciple that she very much cherished.

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