Chapter 2790 Until Her Last Breath

Chapter 2790: Until Her Last Breath Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Moster King’s men stayed away from the feud as instructed. Meanwhile, the Monster King retrieved a black rope out of nowhere and aimed the twisting cord at the python. He wanted to pull the python away from the woman.

With his strength and level of kung fu, he was able to lift even the heaviest kind of load. Pulling the snake away should have been an easy matter. Indeed, he was able to pull the snake away from the ground, along with the woman that it desperately tried to mate with.

The woman and the snake appeared to move in an arc across the air before taking a hard fall on the ground again. Nonetheless, their bodies were still inextricably intertwined.

The woman let out a hoarse cry while slowly losing consciousness.

“Feng Jiayi, what are you doing!? Separate them now!” The Monster King demanded with cries of anger.

The young man kept his composure, and calmly replied, “My King, I am here to arrest the murderer who is responsible for the death of 18 girls. I am only doing what I have promised to do.”

Anger surged up among the two people. “I asked you to catch the murderer, not to step aside while the princess is helplessly raped. Did you ask the python to assault the princess? Don’t you try to talk yourself out of this! I saw you commanding the python with your flute.”

“The python belongs to your sister. She asked the python to attack me first, and the gentleman stepped in to help,” Gu Xijiu interrupted.

The Monster King carefully studied Gu Xijiu but did not recognize her. “Who is this hideous woman?”

He began to lose his temper and added, “Feng Jiayi. I do not care whose python this is. Separate them now!”

Feng Jiayi folded his arms together and said, “No can do. Only the python’s master can command it.” He then looked at the Monster King sternly in the eye. “My King, can’t you tell what python this is?”

After a pause, the Monster King defended himself, “Of course I can! The python is evil. It only answers to its master, and its master is you!”

Feng Jiayi patiently explained, “What I am doing is confusing the python so it cannot recognize its master temporarily. I do not have the power to command it.”

He took another look at the woman. “You seem to like your pet a lot, so much so that you are not willing to let go of it from your arms.”

The woman was lying naked on the ground. There were some obvious bloodstains between her thighs by now. She lost control of her body under the influence of the flute, thus losing the ability to command the python. But, as soon as the melody stopped, her consciousness immediately returned. Utterly ashamed, she did not know how to face her brother, so she decided to play dead. Never had she thought that the young man could see through her little trick.

Taking the python as a pet was strictly prohibited, so she was too afraid to admit that the python belonged to her. However, she also knew very well that once the python started mating, it would keep on penetrating her until her last breath. It would only stop when its master asked it to stop.

If she refused to admit it, she would eventually die of exhaustion, and her soul would be crushed in the python’s jaws. Therefore, in this matter of life and death, she realized she could not be stubborn any longer.

Determined, she gave the python’s head a hard slap. “Keep off me!”

She thought that the python was able to recognize her voice as the flute was no longer playing. Therefore, it should be able to think and respond to her request. But surprisingly, the python only answered to her command and not her voice. The hard slap had unleashed the python’s inner beast even more, thus speeding up the movement of its tail. The lady let out a wail before quickly curling her body into a ball.

The deep penetration had severely torn the lady’s flesh and put her in much agony. However, the sight of blood excited the python even more, so it penetrated with an even stronger and faster rhythm.

Pale and drawn, the woman could no longer care about her image. She cast a spell and created a wisp of black, skull-like smoke from the tip of her fingers. She then flicked the wisp of smoke into the python’s wide-open mouth and commanded, “Qing Bi, keep out now!”

The spell was obviously used to control the python. Instantly, the python tensed up its muscles and untangled the woman from its body, though unwillingly.

At this point, the Monster King could no longer defend his sister. “What a shame!”

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