Chapter 2786 Being Jealous

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She was suddenly reminded of Fan Qianshi and sighed. He was a great disciple but had, unfortunately, become enamored of her. It was indeed troublesome.

First of all, she did not have much time left. Secondly, as the creator of the universe, she should share her unconditional love with every being in the world and not limit herself to a relationship. He needed to understand the importance of being unbiased, or else the six worlds would fall back into a mess once he took the role from her. Hence, she needed him to move on.

While she was caught in her preoccupation, someone suddenly made fun of her with total contempt. “Did you suddenly become dumb? An ugly being will always be ugly. A simple, kind gesture from a handsome man can easily make you dumbstruck.”

Gu Xijiu followed the voice and noticed that the remark was coming from the beautiful lady beside her. Scornfully, the lady was looking at her with resentment. Was the lady jealous?

Gu Xijiu felt sorry for her. Her was attractiveness was only in her appearance.The lady gave the young man a quick look and caught him looking back at her with a half-smile. He had not commented anything about the incident.

After a pause, Gu Xijiu asked smilingly, “I have had enough of the shellfish. Gentleman, would you please help me remove the bones from my fish?”

“Hmm?” The young man was fascinated by Gu Xijiu’s sudden request.

“Ugly beings will do all sorts of things to catch other people’s attention. The reason he offered his help to you at first was because of your messy table manners. Now you are taking his help for granted. Why don’t you have a better look at yourself? Do you really think you are attractive enough to make so many unreasonable requests?” The lady spoke arrogantly.

Gu Xijiu could not care less about the rude lady. Quietly, she smiled at her and decided to handle the fish on her own. She took the dish over and started removing the fish bones with her fingers. Soon, all of her fingers were stained with sauce.

The young man was speechless. With a sigh, he took the dish away from Gu Xijiu and started removing the bones for her. He then handed her a silk handkerchief. “Use this to clean your fingers.”

Gu Xijiu did not refuse his offer. She took the handkerchief over and simply rubbed her hands in it.She was ready to put the handkerchief down on the table but was suddenly stopped by the young man. He was already sitting next to her by then. He grasped her by the wrist and took the handkerchief. Patiently, he started cleaning every stain that was left on her hands.

Gu Xijiu was astonished. She tilted her head to have a look at the other lady’s expression. The lady gasped in disbelief, as her presence was completely ignored.

Gu Xijiu did not mind that he was touching her hand, as long as the lady was annoyed. What intrigued her most was the sudden change of the young man’s attitude towards her needs. He was exceptionally patient with her.

If he had to take other people’s table manners and hygiene so personally every time he sat with someone else, he would be so busy clearing someone else’s mess every time he ate. Gu Xijiu actually felt sorry for him. “Young man, being too compulsive is a burden in life. It will not do you any good,” she told him while gently tapping his shoulder.

The young man remained quiet, and Gu Xijiu no longer cared about him. It was time for her to go. “May I have the bill please?”

The owner approached her hurriedly. “That will be 3,006 spiritual stones.”

Gu Xijiu reached her back pocket to take out her purse, only to realize that it was no longer there. The owner’s friendly face slowly faded. If Gu Xijiu refused to pay for the food, he would need to work for at least a month to make up for the loss.

“Lady, what happened?”

Gu Xijiu awkwardly replied, “My purse is gone.”

The owner was offended. “Are you making up reasons to eat for free?”

Gu Xijiu never thought that someday she would experience such embarrassment by having her purse stolen. She did not even know when it was taken away.

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