Chapter 2782 A Coincidence (2)

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The child was known to be a genius, but his talents would not have been discovered without a great mentor. Therefore, the people of all six worlds became more intimidated by Gu Xijiu’s power and decided to stop doing anything that upset her, which included fighting.

The decade was an unusually peaceful era. After years of war and chaos, all kingdoms could finally recuperate and rebuild themselves.

According to Fan Qianshi’s biological age, he was only 16 years old, but his adult appearance resembled nothing of his teenage years. He became a handsome man that was unsurpassed in valor and brilliance.

When Wu Qianyan first met Gu Xijiu, she was only eight years old. Time had completely transformed her into a young woman of grace and elegance too.

Unlike Fan Qianshi, Wu Qianyan was not born to be a genius. Still, her exposure to the creator of the universe had opened up opportunities for her to improve her power. In time, she benefited greatly from Gu Xijiu’s help and finally achieved the level of a Golden Immortal. At the very least, she was able to keep herself safe in times of danger.

Moreover, the people from all six worlds acknowledged her identity as the servant of the creator of the universe. Hence, none of them dared to make any moves against her or challenge her authority, even though shewould generally be assigned to take care of trivial errands.

Warm spring winds wafted across the room, carrying the warmth of the sun along with it.On a bamboo chair, Gu Xijiu sat in repose. A sudden movement caught her attention, so she quickly opened her eyes.

She caught Fan Qianshi quietly sneaking in. He was about to place a hot bowl of congee on the table for her. The pleasant scent of the blue congee lingered in the air, blasting her senses with an eagerness to taste the food.

Their eyes met, and Fan Qianshi blushed a little. He looked away and said, “Master, this is a bowl of blue congee that I made with meat broth. Try it.”

Gu Xijiu remained still and looked rather unimpressed. “You are doing this again. Haven’t I told you to focus on your practice instead? You shouldn’t be doing the chores,” she said in a rather icy tone.

Fan Qianshi seemed slightly disappointed but chose to explain himself. “Master, you must have overexerted yourself. Your complexion is slightly pale. This bowl of blue congee is meant to invigorate your body with its rich nutrients. Making this did not take much of my time, anyway. Master, you should finish it up. I shall continue my practice now.”

Gu Xijiu pinched her lips into a thin line in disapproval. “Don’t repeat this next time,” she added. Slowly, she picked up the bowl and slowly drank it down.

Delighted, Fan Qianshi then proceeded to practice his kung fu.

Gu Xijiu sat in a brown study chair while wonderingif she was overthinking the situation because Fan Qianshi seemed to treat her like she was more than his master. She was obviously aware that her condition had worsened over time, but no amount of food could restore her health. Nothing could stop the deterioration that had already taken place many years ago.

Even a divine being had five dying symptoms. Although she still bore the look of a young woman, the first dying symptom was already emerging. With her decrease in power, her lifespan was now less than a century. She gently knocked her knuckles on the table while getting all caught up in her thoughts.

The next day, Fan Qianshi approached her with another bowl of hot food. Only this time, it was a bowl of brown rice congee, enriched with many nutritional herbs. The collection of the herbs alone would take him at least half a day. In addition to the special technique of making the congee, he must have spent at least a day preparing it.

Excitedly, Fan Qianshi put the bowl down in front of her. Gu Xijiu was in the middle of her writing when he interrupted her. She took a look at the congee, then at Fan Qianshi. “Haven’t I told you to stop doing this?”

Hesitantly, Fan Qianshi explained, “Master, the red rice is sourced from the Monster Kingdom, it is known to be one of their treasured resources. Its nutrients can give you strength. You will feel better after drinking it.”

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