Chapter 2780 Acknowledging A Master (3)

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To make a better decision as to who to appoint as her successor, Gu Xijiu had done some research on Qianshi’s background. He was indeed created by heaven and earth without any biological parents.

He was discovered on a stormy night – someone found him in the wilderness and became aware of his unique physique, thus initiating the fight between different parties for him. The couple that she met the other day was from the Celestial Kingdom. They were assigned to hold the genius boy captive.

As expected, the child was never taught how to behave properly. He had only been involved in endless fights that opened his eyes to the bad side of humans, which was why his personality was a little odd.

With this in mind, Gu Xijiu continued to contemplate the future. She looked at the sky and was completely at ease. She was not bothered about the fact that immortalization was beginning to dawn on her.

In reality, Di Hao was baffled by what she said. He realized that the creator of the universe had indeed vanished, and the role was taken over by Fan Qianshi.

Surprisingly, Gu Xijiu had foreseen her own death. Her immortalization could possibly be from a natural cause.

Was Fan Qianshi really the perfect candidate for her? If so, how did Di Fuyi’s role as the master of the heavenly law come along?

Di Hao was very curious about what happened next, so he continued to look into her past.

Gu Xijiu had been putting Fan Qianshi through a series of tests for two years straight, troubling him with all kinds of problems and complications. It was easy for Di Hao to understand and sympathize with Fan Qianshi’s predicament.

Things were made intentionally difficult for little Qianshi. He burst into tears a few times, but he would always stand up strong again and face his challenges with courage. Whatever the task was, he would do his best to execute it to perfection.

Although Gu Xijiu had not formally acknowledged him as her disciple, she still taught him the things that she knew, which mostly revolved around spells. He was able to learn all kinds of things, from alchemy to medicine, and ways to grow herbs.

Little Qianshi was indeed a young genius. He could learn everything almost instantly, especially in the medical field. This boy was born with a talent in medicine. The pills that he produced from the alchemy were incredibly effective, even better than the ones produced by the professionals in the Celestial Kingdom.Visitors to the valley came in an endless stream to request for the pills that he made.

Perhaps it was under Gu Xijiu’s influence that he made a positive change in his behavior. He was no longer as arrogant as he used to be and was humble when meeting people. Also, he no longer talked harshly to Wu Qianyan.

For many times, Gu Xijiu would take him along to see the outside world while having their appearance disguised. Whenever something happened, he would always stand up for the just.

The good side of his personality started to shine through and became much better than his former arrogant self.

In the third year, there was an incident that changed her mind about accepting him as her disciple. While they were traveling, a group of unknown and yet powerful strangers suddenly attacked them.

About 110 enemies showed up altogether, each equipped with great power and strength. All of their looks were disguised as they emerged for the ambush.

Gu Xijiu’s level of spiritual power remained only a fifth of her former, stronger self, so defending herself became quite a difficult task. Although she managed to kill most of them, she, in turn, was severely injured.

It was Qianshi who risked his life to save hers. He took her on his back while trying to fight a way out of the ruthless killings. He took the chance and used the Ground Drilling technique in an attempt to escape to a safe place. They made their way into a dense mountain and found a cave where they could rest.

Gu Xijiu did not rest for long. She got up and saw Qianshi by her side. He was already covered in a mess of blood and mud. He disregarded his own injuries and decided to guard her safety while she slept. Quietly, Gu Xijiu pulled him closer so that she could treat his wounds.

When they safely returned to the valley, she asked, “Do you want to take me as your master?”

Shocked, Qianshi was overwhelmed with joy by the question. He knelt down and finally called out loud the name that he had been dying to use, “Master!”

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