Chapter 2779 Acknowledging A Master (2)

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Qianshi was not interested in helping her. “You’re so stupid!” He criticized before leaving her behind.

Wu Qianyan knew that he had to rely on herself. She was not allowed to use any spells within the valley, so watering the plants had become a physical chore.

Wu Qianyan was petite, so her physical strength was obviously not as strong as her spiritual power. Planting the herbs was tough enough, but carrying the water all the way to the herb garden was even tougher. She supported the pails on her shoulder and staggered off, puffing and blowing from the strain. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, only two-thirds of the garden was watered after laboring all day. Her shoulders started aching, and even her feet had turned soft. Nonetheless, her work incomplete.

Panicked, she started crying and imagining the consequences of her failure. While she was carrying the water up the valley, her tears were already rolling down her cheeks. However, she stepped into the herb garden and saw something unbelievable.

Somewhere in the plantation, Qianshi could be seen squatting in the bushes and taking care of the plants for her. Apparently, he finally agreed to help.

Wu Qianyan’s eyes glistened with hope. As she walked toward him, carelessly, she slipped and almost rolled over the herbs!

Fortunately, Qianshi’s agility had saved her from the misery of crushing the plants. He quickly held onto her arm and steadied her from slipping any further.

“Thank you. Thank you.”

“How stupid!” Qianshi let go of her arm and wiped away the dirt on his hands as if protesting that Wu Qianyan was filthy. He continued to help her with the two pails of water and watered the part of the garden where she had yet to reach.

Wu Qianyan quietly followed him around.

“How much more have you yet to water?”

“About ten acres.”

With your speed, you will have to work all night.”

Wu Qianyan sounded a little helpless as she explained, “I…, I have already tried my best.”

Qianshi did not comment any further. Quietly, he went to take another two pails and helped to fetch water from the stream.

Wu Qianyan was happy that he could help, though he had not been entirely nice to her. Without wasting any time, she joined him to fetch more water.

In one corner of the herb garden, Gu Xijiu finally revealed herself. She seemed troubled by her own thoughts. With a sigh, she let out a quiet murmur, “The child is not too bad. At least there is hope. If I focus on his good side and train him well, he will be a man of great ability and tremendous potential. Perhaps, he can take over my position.”

The bright moon was already hanging high up in the night sky as the two children continued carrying pails of water to the garden.

Gu Xijiu had cast an invisible spell, so none of them spotted her presence. She watched as the children came and went for about four hours before the entire herb garden was sufficiently watered.

Once it was done, Wu Qianyan expressed her gratitude for Qianshi’s help, but he did not take it well. “I am not trying to help you. I am only worried that the Divine Lord’s herb garden is lacking proper care.”

Before he went away, he offered Wu Qianyan a tube of medicine. “Apply this on the skin at your shoulders. It will soothe the blisters. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry the water on your shoulders tomorrow and will fail your mission.”

The two children finally went to bed.

Gu Xijiu sat down by the ridge of the field while she quietly observed the sky. She then took a look at her own hand. Her fingers were slender and exquisite but were so pale that her hands were almost invisible.

“My spiritual power is getting worse by day. I wonder if I can ever find someone to replace me before my immortalization. When will the next guardian come by? Is Qianshi the one?”

She seldom talked to the boy, but she never ceased to observe him from a distance. The result of her observation was quite satisfactory. At the very least, the books that she had offered to him were not wasted.

Although she never made it clear that he was her disciple, she still offered him some books and materials that could help him in the development of his character through different methods of cultivation.

For the past month, Gu Xijiu assigned complicated tasks for the children to fulfill. Usually, Qianshi could always accomplish the task given fairly quickly and well. As for Wu Qianyan, she could hardly reach the minimum expectation, and her tasks were mostly left unfinished. Qianshi would still help her, though he always complained about it.

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