Chapter 2772 The Creator Of The Universe (2)

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Although her spiritual power was not as good as before, her ability to wield a sword still remained. Once her sword was in her grasp, she was invincible.

The skills possessed by this group of orcs were much better than those that she had encountered before. Nonetheless, they were not her true opponents. After a short melee, five out of the eight orcs were killed by her.

Initially, Gu Xijiu was compassionate and did not want to end their lives unnecessarily. However, they were too cumbersome to deal with after a while. They often used horny words to tease her in the fight and even used low-class tricks to attack her, such as attacking her chest.

It was a disgrace to keep such creatures in the world! Therefore, she made up her mind to eliminate them all. The remaining three orcs realized that they were not able to challenge her, so they suddenly had an idea and used the kid as a hostage to force Gu Xijiu to surrender.

Gu Xijiu glanced at the kid and asked, “Who’s he? Why would I surrender myself because of him?”

The leopard-faced orc, who was holding the kid, seemed to be a bit surprised. “You don’t know him? He is the most wanted person in the Six Realms. Even your Emperor Immortal is desperately looking for him. We are bringing him to your Celestial Kingdom as a wager.”

“Why do they want him?” Gu Xijiu glanced at the kid’s face and wondered.

“He is the most talented person in the world! No matter which faction gets him as their apprentice, it would be a great achievement. In the future, he might be able to unify the six realms…” The leopard-faced orc then placed his sharp claws on the kid’s neck. “The Emperor Immortal specifically ordered us to keep this kid alive. Whoever hurts him is an enemy of the whole Celestial Kingdom. How daring are you to go against the Emperor Immortal’s will?”

Gu Xijiu folded her arms and replied, “Since hurting him makes one an enemy of the whole Celestial Kingdom, what are you doing now? Are you planning to tickle him?”

The leopard-faced orc snorted. “Our orcs naturally do not have to follow the will of your emperor. Even if we kill this little guy, the Emperor Immortal will not dare to give us a difficult time.”

Gu Xijiu looked at them casually and continued, “What is your request?”

The three orcs felt that she finally felt threatened, so they all breathed a sigh of relief. They originally just wanted her to spare their lives. But now, they wanted more.They asked Gu Xijiu to break one of her arms, and then kowtow three times to them.

Gu Xijiu chuckled. “I originally thought that this kid was useful enough to spare your lives. However, you missed the opportunity to save yourself. Such a waste.”

In an instant, Gu Xijiu seemed to disappear in front of their eyes in a flash.The three male orcs had not seen her reappear yet before they saw a thousand stars in front of their eyes. All three of them fell to the ground.

The leopard-faced orc still had some sense left in him. Before he died, he used his sharp nails to scratch the kid. The orc’s nails were obviously poisonous, so the kid’s face instantly turned blue.

After Gu Xijiu settled the orcs, she pulled the kid over and treated his wound for him. After her fingers touched his wound, the poison was automatically dissolved.

The kid seemed to still hold a grudge against Gu Xijiu for abandoning him earlier. He bit his lips and proudly said, “Now that you know who I am, even if you heal for me, I will not necessarily worship you as my master. Unless…”

Gu Xijiu did not need to hear the rest, so she said, “I do not plan to take you as my apprentice anyway.”

The kid was stunned and opened his mouth slightly. He could not believe her. “Liar! Humph! Are you trying to fool me?”

Was this kid so proud of himself? Nonetheless, since everyone in the Six Realms was fighting for him, perhaps he had the right to think of himself that way.

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