Chapter 2768 In The Dream

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She pondered over the possibility and looked at her son again. Di Hao was now at the level of a Golden Immortal, but somehow his progress seemed to have been halted. His abilities should have reached a higher milestone, but it seemed to be bound by something.

“Hao Er, come with me.” She wanted to test her son’s martial arts, so she took her to the practice arena.

Coincidentally, Mu Feng and the three messengers were also practicing there. They had been really hardworking of late and had all turned into immortals after having experienced a catastrophe. Although they each had the opportunity to ascend to the Upper Bound, they were reluctant to leave their masters. Hence, they all stayed behind.

The four messengers could imagine the lifestyle and culture in the Upper Bound from the way Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi described it. If they were to choose to ascend in their current state, they would be considered very low-ranking immortals up there.

Needless to say, that was also a deterring factor as they did not want to go up and get embarrassed. Therefore, they had been practicing very hard down here in hopes that one day they will be able to ascend with their masters and be in a better position.

As Gu Xijiu and Di Hao approached the arena, Gu Xijiu told them that she was here to test his kung fu. This made Mu Feng and the rest very intrigued, so they wanted to observe the practice at the side.

Di Hao was a bright kid. When he arrived at the arena, he already knew what his mother wanted to do. Nonetheless, hepaused for a moment to think about the last time he was in a battle. After he retrieved the dragon’s heart, he realized that his skills grew exceptionally slowly. Also, whenever he practiced, his entire body would ache severely as if some devil was possessing him. He thought to himself that it was perhaps his punishment for changing the course of events.

He did not want his mother to worry, so he never said anything, but Di Fuyi had noticed everything over time. Over the past few days, Di Fuyi has been trying to regulate his bodily functions. The man had used all kinds of secret techniques, but the effect was not visible.

Fortunately, because he looked young, the slow growth of his skills would not create any suspicion among the people around him. His father was the only one that noticed something unusual.

As for Gu Xijiu, she knew too little about her son’s abilities to be able to assess whether something had changed. Furthermore, sinceDi Xuyue was still very young, she had paid most of her attention to her daughter instead of her son.

After all, Di Hao was not one to cling onto people. In fact, he spent more time with Di Fuyi than with Gu Xijiu. Therefore, she had not noticed her son’s anomaly even though it had been present for a while.

If she did not feel how cold his hand was from before, she would not have paid much attention to him. Di Hao looked at his mother, knowing that she was growing suspicious. If he did not fight with her, she would probably become anxious about his wellbeing.

In trying to think of a plan, he paused and looked at her pitifully. “Mother, I am now at the bottleneck stage of my practice. My skills have declined a lot. Please show mercy to me.”

Gu Xijiu could not help but laugh. “Rest assured!” Of course, it was never her plan to hurt her son.

With the exchange of pleasantries, the two of them started to fight. As expected, the fight was certainly exciting. Gu Xijiu learned that although her son’s spiritual power was not too high, his tricks were extraordinarily fierce and potent. They could often exert a powerful effect with only minimal spiritual power. It could be said that this kind of skill would magnify his limited spiritual power to its most significant extent.

Personally, Gu Xijiu had never seen those moves before. In fact, since she started off a little slower than she was capable, initially, the fight was not in her favor. Di Hao’sswordsmanship was incredibly brilliant, and his moves were very sophisticated. By looking at the speed and angle of his moves, he was definitely a master. Without at least a hundred years of practice, he would definitely not be able to reach this level.

What was the actual age of her son before he crossed over? Gu Xijiu got distracted while pondering the possibilities and subconsciously defended her son’s attack with too much force. As a result, the sword was thrown out of Di Hao’s grasp.

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