Chapter 2765 Father Was A Bad Guy (2)

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Di Xuyue answered all his questions as she was very familiar with the theory of flying. She could respond well, so Di Fuyi was very satisfied.

After that, he let her experience the scenery in the sky and raised his hand to make the clouds change into various shapes – elephants, birds, lions, and tigers. It could turn into anything that made her giggle very happily.

While she was excitedly playing with the cloud-like animals, Di Fuyi asked her which animal she liked the most, and she pointed to the Dapeng bird! Therefore, Di Fuyi patted her head. “Good girl; let’s fly on it.”

All of a sudden, he threw Di Xuyue to the ‘Dapeng.’ However, this Dapeng was made up of clouds, so naturally, it could not support Di Xuyue.Hence, Di Xuyue found herself falling like a cannonball from the sky! She was so scared and cried all the way down!

She thought that her father would fly down to rescue her. It was completely beyond her expectations that the man would simply smile at her from above. “Good girl. You can do it. Fly!”

With that image in mind, Di Xuyue no longer wasted her time hoping that her father would rescue her. She did not want to crash into the ground and hurt herself. Desperately, she adjusted her body instinctively and used the flying technique that her mother had taught her.

Alas, she landed on her buttocks! She was hurt and scared at the same time. Hence, she only continued crying.Her father finally flew down to her but kept himself above the ground. He patiently watched her cry and even invited her to do so more loudly, saying that it would give a better effect.

This action made little Xuyue so angry! To get revenge, she decided to stop crying at once.She blamed the father for being biased because she did not see him train Di Hao like this before. The two of them even often discussed things together and went out to work together. Most of the time, little Xuyue could not understand their conversation, which made her feel somewhat jealous of being excluded.

Di Fuyi did not interrupt her, and let her vent all her dissatisfaction. When she finally stopped, he asked, “Is that all?”

Di Xuyue did not expect to hear these three words despite already complaining so much. Her father’s nonchalance really stunned her. To continue to show that she was angry, she nodded and said, “Yes, that’s all. Father, you are indeed biased. Mother used to say that men in this generation are always biased. I did not expect you to be the same…”

Di Fuyi pondered on what she had said and nodded. “After listening to you, I think I was indeed somewhat biased…”

Again, Di Xuyue was caught off guard by her father’s response. She did not expect him to admit his mistake so easily. Feeling justified, she became even bolder. “Then father, you should change…”

Di Fuyi rolled up his sleeves and pulled her into his arms. “Well, I will try to change.”

He carried Di Xuyue and flew up again. Di Xuyue saw that her father admitted his mistake, so she generously said that if her father changed, he was a good father, and she would still love him very much.

However, before she could finish speaking, her father had tossed her again!Since she already had an awful past experience, she could quickly pull herself together despite initially screaming at him. This time, she managed to land on her own.

Father lied to her! Father was a bad guy! Di Xuyue did not cry anymore. She turned around and ran towardher mother. She did not want this deceiving father who liked to bully her! However, her short little legs could not outrun her father’s sleeves. In just a brief moment, she was caught and pulled back up into the sky.

Di Xuyue was crying in his arms all the way up and criticized the man for being dishonest!

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