Chapter 2761 Warmth

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Since the evil energy in her body had been removed entirely, Di Fuyi did not want to hide the secret from her anymore. Thus, he explained the situation to her briefly.

Gu Xijiu was speechless! The evil energy in her body had disappeared, so her mind was now different from before. She was finally able to think clearly and rationally.

When she thought of her own clingy attitude over the past few days, she felt even more embarrassed. She bit her lips and replied, “I didn’t expect this mother-son venom fetus to be so powerful. I merely touched Little Fox’s wrist and was already infected with evil energy. It even attached itself to my baby! That’s truly terrible!”

She looked at the Di Fuyi again and continued, “You must have been thinking of how to expel the evil energy from me over the last few days, right? No wonder you behaved a bit weird.”

Di Fuyi smiled slightly and explained, “The evil energy is a form of spiritual power and could understand people’s words. That was why I could not explain everything to you.”

Gu Xijiu nodded in acknowledgment. “I understand.” She did not blame him.

All of a sudden, she seemed to think of something. “Before Hao Er came, you wanted to talk about our baby. Were you trying to persuade me to abort her?”

Di Fuyi remained silent. What was her intention of asking him this question? “Xijiu, it was the last resort. I really had no other way…”

Gu Xijiu took a deep breath and exhaled. She could understand Di Fuyi’s intention. Perhaps, if Di Hao had not shown up on time, she would have had to sacrifice the baby in her belly.

Nonetheless, it really surprised her that Di Hao managed to find a solution even when Di Fuyi was already willing to opt for the last resort as his answer. How did Di Hao manage to figure it out? Furthermore, he managed to find just the right dragon at the right time. Everything seemed too perfect to be true.

“Hao Er, how did you know that this item can cure the mother-son venom fetus?” Gu Xijiu looked at her son, curiously.

Di Hao was hesitated for a while before answering, “Mother, I have my own ways. It is a heavenly secret, so I can’t tell you.”

After Di Hao became the master of the heavenly law, he accidentally found the legacy left behind by Di Fuyi and learned about the cure through his work.It turned out that after Di Fuyi had no choice but to abort Di Xuyue, the matter had become a thorn in his heart. He was determined to find the solution to it and finally found a method. The method was to use the heart of an aquatic dragon just when it was about to ascend and become an immortal dragon. Of course, he had never tried it before, so Di Fuyi was only guessing that this method would work.

When Di Hao grew up, he used to meet this aquatic dragon that had practiced to become an immortal creature. Di Hao once chatted with it and learned many secrets from it. As it was not easy to become an immortal dragon, this aquatic dragon was so proud to share its story and experience. When Di Hao asked it, it told him about how it practiced and even mentioned the exact date and location where it hid to ascend into an immortal dragon.

Of course, it also said to him that its heart was very precious. The purification effect that it possessed was superior to the flesh of Monk Tang. It could improve one’s spiritual power and also drive out any evil energy from their bodies. However, the condition was that it had to take out its heart voluntarily. If it were taken by force, the heart would have no effect at all.

This dragon was good in nature, and it had a spirit like Monk Tang. It had been keeping a very low profile in the Lower Bound for 100,000 years. Thus, its life was very lonely, and it had no friends at all. But once it became a dragon, it was finally able to talk freely with people and wished to share about its family background to the people of the Lower Bound.

While listening to its stories, Di Hao learned that it owed a favor to the former Emperor Immortal that it wanted to repay. It also asked Di Hao to help it find the descendants of the former Immortal Emperor and said that it could fulfill any request from the descendant of the former Immortal Emperor as long as it did not cost its own life.

At the time, Di Hao never imagined that the information would be useful to him as he never expected to be able to travel back in time.Perhaps it was destiny, and God also thought that his parents should not have such an ending. Maybe that was why he was given a chance to fix things.

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