Chapter 2759 How Can You Compare Yourself To Her?

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“How is the body that you currently occupy?” Fan Qianshi’s hand fell on her wrist to check her pulse.

The woman’s body went slightly stiff. She looked down at her wrist and answered, “Thanks, master. Everything is well.”

Fan Qianshi looked at her for a moment and sighed. “You still hate me.”

Wu Wuyan bit her lips. “I don’t hate you. I am just confused.”

After she was reborn, she was like a piece of wood. Although she was very obedient, she seemed to have lost all emotions. Fan Qianshi tempted her several times, but she did not say a word.

It was rare for her to ask questions, but Fan Qianshi wanted to know how she felt. “Ask me anything.”

“Master, you once said that Gu Xijiu was your piece of work, like me. We are all your chess pieces. However, she has always betrayed you, yet you are still very polite to her. If you can treat me like her…”

“Who are you? How can you compare yourself to her?!” Fan Qianshi’s cold voice interrupted her midway through her sentence.

Wu Wuyan was stunned and subsequently looked down. She calmly replied, “You’re right. I have crossed a line. I am only your chess piece. I will remember my role from now on.”

Fan Qianshi looked at her and realized that he had gone overboard. He suspected that it was probably because of the failure he just experienced, which made his mood somewhat unstable. He sighed before continuing, “Yan Er, I did not mean that. What I wanted to say is that you and Gu Xijiu have your own abilities and strengths. You don’t have to compare yourself to her.”

“Yes, I will learn to accept this fact. Can I ask another question?”


“Is Gu Xijiu’s soul different from mine? I was surprised that she could become a Great Deity in such a short period of time. Master, you have tried to control her several times, and even wiped away her memory, but always failed. From what I know, your technique of wiping one’s memory has never failed before, except for Gu Xijiu. Her soul is so powerful, so I naturally feel that the two of us are not alike.”

Fan Qianshi paused for a moment before he calmly said, “She is… made by me using some special means. Thus, she is naturally much stronger.”

“She is already out of your control. Why don’t you make another soul that is as strong as her but more obedient?” Wu Wuyan blurted out.

Fan Qianshi frowned. “She can’t be copied; her soul is not…” When he said that, he suddenly stopped and looked coldly at Wu Wuyan. “Yan Er, are you trying to test me?”

Wu Wuyan bit her lips and bowed. “Master, you have overthought. I am just wondering. If you are worried, you can wipe away allmy memory in this aspect.”

Fan Qianshi stared at her for a moment, and finally, he laughed. He then spoke in a soft and gentle voice, “Yan Er, you have been with me for so many years. You are always loyal, so I am not worried about you. Alright, let’s not discuss it anymore. What happened last time has caused you some injuries and unhappiness. I want to compensate you. Tell me, what do you want?”

Wu Wuyan shook her head. “I… I don’t need anything…”

Fan Qianshi looked at her and spoke slowly, “Yan Er, there is no need to hide anything from me. Do you like Long Siye?”

Wu Wuyan suddenly looked up at Fan Qianshi. “Master…”

“You don’t have to hide it. I can understand if you like him because he used to be my clone. You liking him is the equivalent of you liking me; I will not blame you.”

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