Chapter 2758 Did You Fail This Time?

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It seemed to be auspicious, but simultaneously also felt slightly murderous as a faint black gas was emitted at the top of the palace.

At this moment, a person was sitting in the palace wearing a black robe. His eyes were beautiful like flowers, but his face was cold. There was a big cauldron in front of him, and there was a bright red liquid rolling around in the pot.

From time to time, a faint black gas emerged from the liquid, and it seemed to be drawn into a black mirror in front of him. The mirror had a rather complex design that seemed to be triggered by the black gas that was drawn into it.

Quietly, a woman fluttered into the palace and stood quietly behind him.

The man in black seemed to be unresponsive to her presence. Perhaps, he was unaware that she had entered the palace. Either that or he trusted the woman behind him, so he continued his practice involving the mirror.

The woman’s eyes fell on the mirror and shone slightly. She recognized the people inside the mirror. They were Gu Xijiu, Di Fuyi, and their kid. The three of them looked like a very warm family, which made her envious.

Her eyes then fell on the fingers of the man in black. It seemed that his fingertips also appeared to have turned black. Moreover, his face was pale, and his forehead was sweaty, which depicted that what he was doing consumed a lot of energy and effort from the man.

Quietly, she bit her lips and continued to look into the mirror. She saw Gu Xijiu’s hand on a strange bloody flesh, and she seemed to be doing something to it as well. Meanwhile, her husband, Di Fuyi, hugged her in his arms. His palms were pressed on her back, which looked like he was helping her to exercise some power.

Fan Qianshi frowned at the sight. At the same time, more black gas seemed to be churned out of the cauldron while the sweat on his forehead was oozing out more promptly too. It was obviously that the man was neutralizing what Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu were doing.

“Stop! Stop! Leave this bloody flesh. It will harm your baby! It will make you lose your baby! Gu Xijiu, stop it!” Fan Qianshi was threatening Gu Xijiu every second. The message seemed to be communicated to her through the black gas that was entering the mirror.

From her reactions seen in the mirror, Fan Qianshi could tell that Gu Xijiu could hear him. Her fingers trembled slightly, but her lips were closed tightly. Instead of pulling away, she grew more and more certain of what she needed to do.

The battle lasted for an hour, and by then, the woman next to Fan Qianshi noticed that the dragon’s heart on the table had shrunk noticeably. The woman squinted her eyes in shock! It would appear that Gu Xijiu had absorbed the energy from the piece of flesh!

“Boom!” The copper cauldron in front of Fan Qianshi suddenly exploded! The mirror in front of him also instantly dissipated in the air. Right at that moment, a golden light that emerged from the air and hit Fan Qianshi! The man snorted, and his body trembled fiercely. He spat out a mouthful of blood by the sheer force that struck him.

“How can this happen? Why? It should not have failed! They should not have been able to expel this ancient magic. What was that flesh on the table?” Fan Qianshi was mumbling to himself as he was too stunned by the broken pieces of the copper cauldron and blood scattered on the floor.

In a state of shock and disbelief, he talked to himself for some time while the woman behind him stayed silent like a shadow.

“Yan Er, can you tell me what was the piece of flesh on the table?”

The woman looked down at him and replied, “It looked like a heart. Did you fail this time?”

Her tone was flat, indicating her nonchalance to his failure.

Fan Qianshi’s fingers clenched together tightly as he coldly said, “This is a temporary failure. In any case, I must achieve my goal! My identity has already been exposed. Once he is back to his place, death would await us!”

The woman did not speak any further.

Fan Qianshi took a deep breath and stood up. He muttered, “We must think of other ways to get them.”

His eyes fell on the woman, and he suddenly asked, “Yan Er, do you despise me?”

The woman shook her head. “Yan Er belongs to you. No matter what you do, I have no regrets.”

Fan Qianshi was satisfied with her response and patted her shoulder. “It is ideal for you to think this way. By the way, I have made a new body for you to reincarnate in.”

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