Chapter 2756 He Liked The Feeling Of Having A Family

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“Hao Er, there are things that a gentleman should and shouldn’t do. If it is an evil dragon, you kill it for the people. However, it was not right for you to kill this dragon…”

Gu Xijiu thought that she had to educate her kid to be kind, and perhaps, to be less ferocious. After all, his father was the master of the heavenly law.

“Mother, I did not kill it. I took only half of its heart and gave it an elixir to expedite its recovery. Although it failed to ascend this time, it only needs another 5,000 years to have the chance again.”

Gu Xijiu breathed a sigh of relief but still felt that it was inappropriate for him to do so; she still felt the need to correct him. “It is not easy to practice. And, you did all this just to satisfy a craving?”

She scanned Di Hao again just to check if he had any hidden reason for doing so. She pulled him over and checked his pulse. “Did the dragon injure you?”

There was no doubt that Gu Xijiu was a skilled physician. Just by checking his pulse, she could immediately tell that something was not right with her son. She frowned and commented, “Hao Er, your spiritual power seems to have been exhausted. Moreover, there are internal injuries in several of your veins. Honestly, I would have preferred you not to give me this gift and to take better care of your health.”

“Okay, mom. You are right. I won’t do it anymore.”Di Hao obediently leaned his head in her arms.

Feeling his mother’s love for him was truly an amazing experience. Even though she was nagging at him, it was so much better than being alone and unloved.

Di Fuyi looked at his well-behaved son and raised his hand to pull him over. He used a cleaning spell on him and straightened the boy out in a flash.

“Di Hao, remember one sentence – as a man, you need to be responsible for everything. You have to keep your clothes clean and tidy. Also, try not to let your family worry about you.”

One could easily feel worried for him just by looking at his attire.

Then, Di Fuyi took out a pair of shoes from his storage space and threw them beside Di Hao’s feet, “Try it.”

Di Hao’s eyes lit up as he placed his little feet into the shoes. The size seemed to be perfect! Obviously, this was what Di Fuyi prepared for him.

For once, Di Hao managed to feel what it was like to have parents that loved him. Di Hao was satisfied, and felt that all of his labor had paid off! He liked the feeling of having a family.

Once he could tell that the boy was alright, Di Fuyi shifted his attention back to the heart that was lying on the table. Even though he did not have the memory and knowledge of the master of the heavenly law, he still sensed the unusualness of this heart that belonged to a Flood Dragon. There seemed to be a purity to it that was uncanny.

After that, he turned his attention back to Gu Xijiu. At this moment, she seemed calm and free. Although she was also curious about the heart that was in front of her, her temperament seemed to have returned to normal.

Had this heart somehow managed to purify her? Di Fuyi’s heartbeat quickened as he pondered on the outcome. He looked at his son again and realized that his son would not hunt for the dragon’s heart for no reason. Could it be that…

Di Hao was also looking at him. When their eyes met, Di Hao blinked at him to confirm the correctness of his thoughts. All this was communicated without a single word being uttered.

Di Fuyi quietly pulled Gu Xijiu to his side and wanted her to sit on his lap. However, Gu Xijiu snuck her way out of his embrace. She did not want to be too physical in front of her kid. Her actions stirred his heart again as he recalled how clingy she had been over the past few days.

Then, Di Fuyi reached out his fingers and touched the heart that was on the table. He seemed to feel something and smirked.

Gu Xijiu wondered what he felt at that moment. She looked at his face and then looked back at the dragon’s heart and asked, “What is inside this heart?”

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