Chapter 2754 Luring The Evil Spirit (4)

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Since Di Fuyi was enjoying the crab, she did not want to interrupt him and decided to practice patience.

“He left for two days, and he didn’t even miss me. Is he getting tired of me?” When she suddenly came up with this thought, she was shocked! When did she become so desperate? She was even more desperate than a housewife!

Although she knew that she was overthinking, she found that she could not control her feelings and emotions. Nonetheless, Gu Xijiu did not want to look like a fool, so she decided to suppress the negative thoughts.

After some time, it seemed that Di Fuyi genuinely did not miss her. He was chatting with her about everything under the sun but never mentioned to bring her back to the bedroom.

Gu Xijiu became more and more anxious, and finally, she could not help it. She rushed to him and pulled his robes. She almost drooled as she shouted, “Fuyi, I want you! Now! Immediately!”

Di Fuyi was speechless. He raised his hand and held her little paw that was burning. “Okay, let’s go back to the bedroom!”

It was unsatisfying sex for Gu Xijiu. There was no other way to say it. Di Fuyi was particularly bad today. He seemed to be deliberately torturing her. Every time it reached a critical time on the bed, he would turn off the fire.

As she was not satisfied, she almost turned violent. But just at that moment, herbelly was suddenly in pain! She could not help but moan as she took a deep breath and curved her body. “What are you doing?”

Di Fuyi worked so hard that the evil energy finally reappeared. He took the chance and wanted to expel it out of her body entirely! However, he did not think that Gu Xijiu would suffer from such agonizing pain before he could do it.

Perhaps, the evil spirit could not be separated from her body! It seemed to have rooted itself in her soul. Because of his failed attempt to lure it out, the evil spirit quickly hid again and did not reemerge.

Gu Xijiu finally got the satisfaction she longed for and fell asleep. Meanwhile, Di Fuyi’s heart was sinking as he lay next to her on the bed.This evil energy in her body was more difficult to deal with than the child venom fetus in Lan Waihu’s body!

That child venom fetus could be easily removed using his spiritual power, but the one in Gu Xijiu’s body was like a hedgehog, and he had no idea how to take it out. Furthermore, this evil energy seemed to be attached to her womb. Once it was pulled, it could cause pain in her abdomen, and would even hurt her unborn fetus.

For the moment, Di Fuyi did not dare to do anything. However, he could not let this go on for too long as the evil energy in her body would be growing stronger and stronger. It was only a matter of time before it would take control of her mind and body. Butwhat should he do?

His fingers stroked her delicate face, and his eyes fell on her abdomen. This baby was very precious to her, and he knew it. Of course, he cared about the baby as well and wanted it to be healthy.

Nonetheless, if he had to, he would abort the baby to save Gu Xijiu. Was Xuyue destined to be aborted?

Two days later, Di Fuyi had used all the ways he knew to expel the evil spirit, but it seemed to have been deeply rooted in Gu Xijiu’s body. Now and then, Di Fuyi would even notice a red light in Gu Xijiu’s eyes. Perhaps, the evil spirit was using her eyes to observe its surroundings.

Di Fuyi knew that it was time to make a decision! Otherwise, it was going to be too late!

To try to start the conversation, he thought that it would be suitable to bring her out for a walk. The sunshine in the garden was just right, so Di Fuyi decided to bring her to the garden.

“Fuyi, is something troubling you?” Gu Xijiu was still very sensitive to him.

Di Fuyi looked down slightly when he heard her question. He took a deep breath and sighed. “Xijiu, this baby…” He wanted to tell her that the baby needed to be aborted, but before he could do so, there was noise from outside the residence, and a small figure rushed in hastily. “Father! Mother! I am back!”

It was a little Di Hao. He looked somewhat disheveled – his little robes were not tied properly, and one of his boots was missing. However, his pair of bright eyes still greeted them with faint excitement. “Mother, I have brought you a big gift! You will be very pleased with it!”

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