Chapter 2752 Luring The Evil Spirit (2)

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This kid was so young. She should be the one who was concerned about him. However, it was always her son who cared about her. Perhaps, she was really incompetent as a mother!

“No, baby. I am alright.”

“What about father?”

“He is isolating himself to practice some new skill, but he will come back soon.”

She chatted a bit with her son through the directed audio spell but suddenly heard some noise from the other side as if many monsters were screaming.

What happened? Did her son go to a monster’s nest?!

Di Hao cursed in his heart before quickly saying to his mother, “Mother, I will talk to you again when I am back. Let me settle them first.”

Di Hao was so frustrated! After he retrieved half of the heart of the Flood Dragon, he tried to rush back, but he did not expect so many passing monsters to be attracted to it because of its richness in spiritual power. When he was holding it, it felt like grasping the meat of Monk Tang in the story of ‘Journey To The West.’

Along the way, he had been attacked by at least 17 or 18 monsters! Even strange birds had rushed toward him from above. At that point, there were colorful lights condensed in his palm. Simultaneously, he had a murderous look on his face indicating that he was ready to kill anything and anyone that stood in his way.

Had these creatures and monsters overlooked his abilities because he was a kid? He wanted to give them a lesson that they would never forget!

When the directed audio spell was hung up, Gu Xijiu was stunned for a moment. She was already at the level of Great Deity, so she had encountered countless monsters in her life. Therefore, she no longer feared the sound of roaring creatures.

However, this time, when she heard the monsters coming after her son, her heart suddenly shook, and her stomach suddenly growled. She had an inexplicable desire to rush over to him and catch a few fierce beasts to eat.

Was this something that pregnant women would normally face? It was normal for them to crave certain things and feel uneasy if they were not satisfied.

All of a sudden, Gu Xijiu felt very warm at home, and her throat was parched. She quickly went out as she wanted to take in some fresh air.

There was a big lake in the Biwu Palace that was rich in spiritual power as well as aquatic animals. There were certainly countless rare and delicious fish inside the pond.

Gu Xijiu stood on the bridge over the lake for a moment. She then leaned over to watch the fish under the bridge. It used to be a pleasant and calming sight for her, but now, she only felt hungry!

She tried to suppress the desire but failed, so she just jumped into the lake!

Mu Feng and the gang had been secretly watching her, and they were so shocked to see what she just did! The lake was definitely cold and not suitable for swimming. To make matters worse, Gu Xijiu was pregnant!

Mu Feng almost jumped in as well, but all of a sudden, he quickly retreated! In the lake, Gu Xijiu had already taken off her clothes and only floated on the surface of the water with her innerwear holding two large crabs with claws in her hands.

The big crabs were eight times the size of a typical river crab. They were like two small round tables struggling in Gu Xijiu’s hands. Unfortunately, Gu Xijiu was not very careful, so her hand was hurt by their claws, and her fingers bled.

She originally wanted to bring the crabs up onshore and get someone to steam it for her. Nonetheless, after being hurt by the crab, she was so angry that she pulled off the crab’s claws in anger!

Gu Xijiu looked at the tender red flesh inside the claw and could not control herself anymore. She wanted to suck on the crab at once.

“Xijiu!” Gu Xijiu was stunned when someone called her from the shore. A figure appeared next to her.

Gu Xijiu looked up and saw Di Fuyi in purple clothes. She was happy and rushed to him. “Fuyi! You finally came out of isolation!”

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