Chapter 2750 The Master Of The Heavenly Law (7)

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Di Hao became the next master of the heavenly law. He finally learned about the responsibilities and realized how rebellious his father had been to keep his family safe. Nonetheless, he did not succeed. It seemed that their love was destined to end with heartbreak.

Having grown and gained enormous power, he used a secret technique to find out about Fan Qianshi’s history, which was the first time he really learned about the man’s identity and his intention behind the plot.

Initially, Di Hao believed that Fan Qianshi wanted to be with Gu Xijiu, and that was the start of how all three of their lives came to an end. However, after knowing more about Fan Qianshi, it appeared that the only thing that he truly wanted was to become the master of the heavenly law. However, his lack of capability obstructed him from competing with Di Fuyi. Thus, he had to play dirty.

Gu Xijiu was only his tool, as she was the only one who could kill Di Fuyi. Many plans were set in place in this elaborate plot, and things slowly evolved to the point that he desired. Everything worked out well for him. He did not even need to expose himself or his true intention.

The only thing that did not happen according to his plan was his death. He never thought that he would die in the hands of Di Fuyi first. In the very end, all was lost for Fan Qianshi. He achieved nothing from all his troubles.

The yellow candlelight was diffused in the dark. There he sat, reminiscing about what happened to his parents. He could not help but heave a deep sigh of relief for the venom in Lan Waihu’s body was the key that led to his parents’ tragic death.

Without the venom, his sister, Di Xuyue, would not have died before she was born. His mother would not have suffered under the control of the evil spirit placed in her by Fan Qianshi.

Di Hao managed to change many things after traveling through time by accident. For example, Fan Qianshi’s identity was already exposed at such an early stage. Furthermore, the Primary and Secondary Venom had not taken shape to cause any harm. Even his father had regained his memory as Di Fuyi in advance and was no longer the innocent little Nianmo of the past. Finally, his parents had completely talked themselves out of their misunderstandings.

Although his mother once had contact with Lan Waihu and was affected by the evil aura, it was nothing serious. The evil aura was not enough to cause any harm to her body. The baby was still Di Xuyue, not some evil being. With half of the Flood Dragon’s heart in his possession, everything was going to turn out well.

Di Hao looked at his little hand in faint lights and started giggling. He was glad that his limited body size had not hindered his capability. He thought to himself that what he had accomplished was rather impressive. With that in mind, he rolled around comfortably in the sheets.

However, another question struck him. If the course of history were to be changed completely, his parents would still be alive, so his father would remain as the master of the heavenly law. Perhaps, he would not need to take on the responsibility and could be free to pursue whatever he wanted.

It was the kind of future that he looked forward to. “Just keep going,” he thought to himself.

When Di Hao was busy celebrating his milestone, Di Fuyi, finally found the hidden devil in Gu Xijiu’s body. The devil was very well hidden by masking its evil power with Gu Xijiu’s spiritual aura. Also, its evil power had significantly been toned down to become as natural as her spiritual aura, so no one would realize its existence.

The only noticeable difference was Gu Xijiu’s change of mood, but the symptom could easily be misread as part of pregnancy. Fortunately, the devil was still weak. In order for it to grow, it needed to absorb more energy from a strong man.

Its need for a male had triggered Gu Xijiu’s sexual cravings. The two lovebirds had always been passionate about one another. Only this time, Gu Xijiu was the desperate one. Di Fuyi was happy and baffled at the same time by his wife’s sudden change.

What surprised him was the decrease in his spiritual power every time they had sex. Anyone would easily overlook the slight decline, but not Di Fuyi. Being an acute observer, he noticed the difference the third time they had sex.

When they were nearing the climax of their lovemaking, Di Fuyi purposely observed the condition of her body and finally caught a slight movement of the evil being.

The devil was quietly absorbing his Yang-energy from his body. The thing seemed to be already alive. It seemed to have noticed Di Fuyi’s suspicion, so it immediately withdrew itself to avoid being discovered.

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