Chapter 2748 The Master Of The Heavenly Law (5)

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Before he disappeared completely, he managed to utter two last words, “Our child…”

Gu Xijiu became dumbstruck in the aftermath of his death. She slowly sank to the ground, trying to absorb and accept what had happened.

Fan Qianshi and Di Fuyi both had many friends. Both parties found it unacceptable that the same woman had caused the death of two mighty beings, especially since no one knew the truth behind the feud. They only believed what they saw – the two powerful men were dead, all because of the same woman.

They gathered around her and started judging her like an evil enchantress who would only bring death to whoever she came into contact with. Words of abuse and contempt filled the air. Some were cursing at her; others were crying at the loss of the men that they worshipped.

Despite their harsh words, she remained unresponsive the entire time. In actuality, she could not even hear a word they said. Still trembling, she looked at her hands in remorse and started murmuring, as if talking to herself. “Why? Why didn’t you fight back?” She kept repeating her hoarse whisper. Every word was filled with deep regret and guilt.

Her hands were still stained with Di Fuyi’s blood. The strange thing was that instead of dripping away, his blood began to seep through her skin.

All of a sudden, Gu Xijiu seemed to have emerged from her preoccupation. Her body started trembling violently. She took the sword in her hand and stood up abruptly as her power was so strong that her aura became instantly intimidating, pushing everyone away from her.

Finally, they realized that the woman who they once thought was useless had become so powerful in an instant. She retained an unpleasantly overbearing aura that would make the people around her fall to their knees and surrender themselves to her.

Panicked, they wanted to run, but their feet were too weak to move. Everyone in the crowd thought that it was the end. The woman would surely make them suffer. However, to their utter surprise, Gu Xijiu did not even bother to look at them.

Looking pale and drawn, she stood in solitude and started performing a series of spells. Some informed ones could tell that she was performing a type of Soul Calling spell, one that could summon dispersed souls, no matter how fragmented the deceased might be.

After a long attempt, not even a fragment of the person’s soul who she was trying to rescue was collected. In despair, she finally stopped trying.

She suddenly threw back her head and laughed out loud hysterically. To everyone’s surprise, she used the same sword and pushed the sharp edge right across her own body. The gaping wound gushed out a crimson flood.

“Di Fuyi, I am the one who killed you. Now, I shall avenge you.”

It was her last message. Next, she used a spell that caused her body to explode into bits. That was the last image that Di Hao saw from the magic mirror. A mist of blood floating through the air.

Aside from Gu Xijiu’s perspective, Di Hao was also able to see Di Fuyi’s side of the story.From the screen, Di Hao could see that Di Fuyi had indeed gone into isolation, and the fact that he was in love greatly obstructed his recovery. He could not stop worrying about his wife, who was all alone. His lack of concentration had almost cost him his life.

The time when Gu Xijiu was struggling in labor was also the time when Di Fuyi was struggling in his practice. As a result of his erratic practice, he turned into a jade statue without any sign of life. All five senses of his were lost, so he never heard any of Gu Xijiu’s calls.

However, the lifeless transformation was actually a blessing in disguise for the man. When he finally regained his consciousness, half of his spiritual power was already recovered.Relieved, he planned to rest up for a bit before leaving the place, but all of a sudden, the Love Bracelet on his wrist had shattered.

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