Chapter 2738 I Will Heal Your Wound

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The seven-colored ray transformed into its brightest form. Apparently, Di Hao was ready to strike at any time. Ming-Die, on the other hand, was already dying. Once hit by the ray, she would be immediately killed.

“Bang!” A streak of lightning emerged abruptly and collided with the seven-colored ray in Di Hao’s hand. The violent bombardment of two immense powers managed to startle the entire area, sending tremors across the grounds as a result of the powerful collision.

Ming-Die rolled a few rounds on the ground as a result of the impact. She started bleeding from her nose and her mouth while her breathing became even more unstable.

Understandably, Di Hao was pushed away by the impact as well, and the blood in his body started boiling. He was a little pale and needed a moment to catch his breath.

The force that stopped him was a celestial lightning bolt. In the sky, black clouds gathered overhead. It was an unmistakable ominous sign of more lightning to come.

He knew that the first streak of lightning that hit him was only meant to caution him. If he insisted on killing the woman, he would be struck for real. Nevertheless, he refused to heed the warning and carried on with his mission to kill.

“Di Hao, what are you trying to do?” A voice could be heard calling out loud from afar.

In an instant, Yun Yanli emerged from the sky and stood himself between them. Yun Yanli’s predestined fate seemed like an inexorable doom to the man.

Di Hao finally gave in and changed his mind. He looked up and said in a discreet manner, “Yun Yanli, Ming-Die is never going to be the right one for you. You have to be careful around her. Do not let her become an obstacle in your life.”

Yun Yanli remained silent.Di Hao certainly did not seem like an ordinary child. He talked like a divine being who was overlooking a mortal that was beneath him.The boy’s serious expression certainly startled Yun Yanli a little. However, he did not know how to respond at the time.

Swiftly, Di Hao left them alone.

Yun Yanli was still caught in bewilderment. The boy often caught him off guard with many unexplained occurrences. It was also pretty odd that Di Hao was the first to locate Ming-Die in this desolate corner. None of the things he said or did made any sense to Yun Yanli.

Was he only saying all this because of his unpleasant encounters with Ming-Die? Or had he foreseen something in the future?

While Yun Yanli was all caught up in his thoughts, Ming-Die finally recovered from her unconsciousness. “Master… Master, I am glad that you are… You are safe.” She became hopeful at the plain sight of Yun Yanli.

Yun Yanli knew that Ming-Die was the most loyal companion that he could ever have. She was also the only one who truly cared for him. Therefore, he could not let her die.

He helped her up. “Sit up. I will heal your wound.”

Ming-Die was so weak that she could not even sit up straight, but her eyes still shone with joy. She tried to steady herself to absorb the steady flow of energy from her back. Yun Yanli was transferring part of his spiritual power to revive her veins and vessels that were slowly dying away. Slowly but surely, signs of life returned to her ailing body.

Yun Yanli had been quite distant to her for a while. They never really talked, as he seemed annoyed about the fact that she left the Shura World for him.

Although Ming-Die felt despaired, she refused to surrender. The more he pushed her away, the more motivated she became. She disregarded all of Yun Yanli’s disapprovals and stayed by his side insistently. She was loyal and faithful and ever-present to serve all of his needs.

He finally showed kindness to her and even offered to drain his spiritual power to heal her wound. This could be a good start. Clearly, he was not entirely unmoved by her devotion.

After an hour, the entire treatment was complete. Yun Yanli finally let go of his hands from her back. Without the support, Ming-Die’s body started to sway, and suddenly, she spat out a mouthful of blood. She seemed to be falling back to the ground.

Yun Yanli reached out for her and supported her with his arm. “Still not feeling well?”

Meanwhile, she supported her head on his chest.

Ming-Die’s pale face clearly showed how uncomfortable she was. “I… I feel terrible.”

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