Chapter 2736 Half Of Its Heart (3)

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The Great White Dragon was dumbstruck and decided not to linger on its earlier question. “Whose life do you intend to save?”

“The heavenly secret cannot be shared.” Di Hao refused to tell.

Di Hao gazed at the creature intently and reassured, “You should know that the heart is very important to me, and the world. I am sure that it will not be wasted.”

He continued to play around with the Dragon Pearl on his hand. “You will not die even if half of your heart is taken. What you need is to use this pearl to recreate the other half slowly. In 10,000 years, your heart will, once again, become a whole.”

The Great White Dragon looked at him in disbelief. “I cannot believe that you are so well-informed about these facts. Who are you, exactly?”

“Di Hao!” He answered delightfully.

“I have never heard of such a name.”

“You have now. It is time for you to do what you have promised. Remember, I need the left half of your heart.”

The Great White Dragon hesitated a little. It was still unwilling to submit half of its heart so abruptly. It was finally the day that it could finally become a real dragon. Once its heart was taken, it would need at least another 10,000 years to reach the same milestone again. However, the promise must be honored. Even if it was unwilling to, it had no choice.

The Great White Dragon still kept its promise, though it was not entirely ready. It had to endure the pain and slashed its chest open to take out its heart. With its sharp claw, it separated its heart chamber into two halves and submitted the left half to Di Hao.

All of its scales were trembling due to the pain. Di Hao accepted the heart and, at the same time, returned the pearl to the Great White Dragon. He also offered it a bottle of medicine. “This medicine will help your heart to recover faster. In 5,000 years, your heart will become whole again.”

The Great White Dragon headed straight into the snowy mountains to meditate and rehabilitate.

It was then that Yun Yanli saw how messy the whole place had turned out to be. He then looked at Di Hao with a sudden realization. “I finally know why you insisted on following me around. Your company has not been entirely pleasant, but I know now that you are only doing this all because you really needed the other half of the Flood Dragon’s heart.”

“Yes,” Di Hao answered him honestly.

“How did you know that the connection between the Flood Dragon and I?”

Di Hao looked away and softly said, “The heavenly secret must not be told.”

Yun Yanli was not quite pleased. At first, he did not want to agree to Di Hao’s overbearing request. He never wanted the child to be around, but one directed audio changed his mind. The child promised to share more about Zhu Duqing to prepare Yun Yanli for his revenge.

Without any forethought, Yun Yanli agreed. He thought that taking a child with him should not be much of a problem even though he could tell that Gu Xijiu was not entirely at ease to see her child go. Acting on impulse, he made a promise to Gu Xijiu that he would protect Di Hao at all costs until the child was returned to her once more. Never had he imagined the kind of trouble he would have to go through. The child was too naughty.

Many a time, Yun Yanli wanted to send the boy back to his mother.However, the boy would cry whenever Yun Yanli threatened to send him away. It was unusual to see a beautiful baby crying with great distress. Every passerby would automatically judge Yun Yanli. As for Ming-Die, it looked as though she was the one instructing him to be cruel to his son from a different wife.

It was a frustrating experience, to say the least. Ming-Die was never fond of the little intruder who disrupted her personal time with Yun Yanli, so she was never friendly to Di Hao. The way she looked at him was even violent at times.

However, she knew that she was not allowed to hurt Di Hao, or else Yun Yanli would be in great trouble. She had to suppress her urge to stab the boy in the back, even though she hated him to a great extent.

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