Chapter 2735 Half Of Its Heart (2)

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Crystals were abundant in the sky, dropping toward them like a rainstorm of deadly needles. In just a few seconds, more and more needles started to get caught on the surface of the wizardry barrier, slowly causing the barrier to break. And, in the end, some needles were able to penetrate through and cut right into Yun Yanli’s flesh.

Yun Yanli’s body trembled slightly as he snorted in pain. Blood slowly traced down his back and dripped onto the Dragon Pearl in Di Hao’s hand. His blood then continued to stain the Great White Dragon’s scales.

The Great White Dragon was ready to swing them away from its head. However, the sudden smell of Yun Yanli’s blood diverted its attention.

“Master!” Ming-Die could be heard calling out loud to Yun Yanli from afar when she saw him bleeding. Desperately, she came straight to him.

“Roar!” The Great White Dragon uttered another long howl before sweeping her away in a blinding flash of blue light, thus sending her across the air like a shooting star.

Shocked, Yun Yanli wanted to leave and find her but was stopped by Di Hao. “Don’t go!”

Yun Yanli hesitated a little. While he still had a hard time deciding whether to stay or go, the dragon’s long howl instantly distracted him. There were some pauses in between like it was trying to talk.

Yun Yanli was never able to understand the language of the animals. But this time, he could magically understand the Flood Dragon. “What is your relationship with the Emperor Immortal, Yun Lang?”

“He was my father,” Yun Yanli honestly answered, though still dumbstruck.

Yun Yanli’s reply startled the Great White Dragon. After a pause, it took a turn in the air and headed to the ground. “Come on down. I will fulfill a wish of yours.” It stopped by the hill, where they could finally stand and talk.

The sudden plot twist caught Yun Yanli in astonishment. On the contrary, Di Hao was not quite as surprised. He tugged on Yun Yanli’s sleeves and said, “Come on, let’s get down from here.”

After a while, Yun Yanli found himself sitting by the rock, caught with a myriad of thoughts. His father had once saved the Great White Dragon’s life. So, in order to repay its debt to the man, the Great White Dragon made a promise to Yun Lang that one day, it would grant a wish to him, or his children, and fulfill anything that was asked.

The only way for the Great White Dragon to recognize him or his children was to stain the pearl with blood. However, as an Emperor Immortal, Yun Lang never truly cared about the promise of a Flood Dragon, so he never mentioned anything about the promise or the Flood Dragon to Yun Yanli.

The Flood Dragon valued loyalty very much. It had not forgotten about the promise that it made almost thousands of years ago.

Yun Yanli was so surprised that he could not speak.

“Ask for half of its heart! Quick, ask for half of its heart!”

Yun Yanli could not deal with the cruelty. Taking away half of the Flood Dragon’s heart would kill it. Meanwhile, the Flood Dragon had obviously heard Di Hao’s request but said nothing. It was patiently waiting for an answer from Yun Yanli.

“Could you give me half of your heart?” Yun Yanli awkwardly asked.

“Is this your only request?”

“Yes,” Yun Yanli firmly said.

The Great White Dragon first looked at little Di Hao in bafflement, and then to Yun Yanli. “Ask the boy why he needs my heart.”

“To save a life,” Di Hao answered before Yun Yanli even translated the Flood Dragon’s message for him. He obviously understood the Flood Dragon too.

Puzzled, the Great White Dragon asked, “It is nothing strange for this man, the son of my savior, to understand my language. His late father and I once made a Blood Agreement. When his blood is dripped on my pearl, we can communicate with one another. As for you, how did you manage to understand me?”

“Because I am a genius,” Di Hao answered frankly.

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