Chapter 2733 I Am Just A Little Bored

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Quickly, Gu Xijiu retrieved her directed audio spell to get in touch with Di Hao. It did not take long before he picked up the call. “Mother, are you missing me?”

Gu Xijiu was slightly relieved. The boy sounded lively, so he should be fine. However, the background noise from the other end of the call startled her.

She could hear the sound of wind whistling and people fighting. There was even a long, doleful cry uttered by some animal. Di Hao was obviously in the middle of a fight.Had he been attacked? Where did Yun Yanli go?

Gu Xijiu had so many questions for Di Hao but was interrupted. “Mother, are you doing fine? Where is father?”

If Di Hao had the time for much chitchat, he must be doing fine. Moreover, Yun Yanli was there with him. Yun Yanli made a promise that he would keep the boy safe.

No being in the Starry Crescent Land was strong enough to threaten Yun Yanli. Therefore, under his care, Di Hao would not be at risk at all. Even if there was a danger, all Di Hao had to do was to stand and watch.

“Your father is here. Where are you? Who are you fighting with?”

“Hmm. There is nothing to worry about, mother. I am just a little bored. Right now, I am messing around with a Flood Dragon.”

It was only a Flood Dragon. Yun Yanli, and even Di Hao, could easily defeat a Flood Dragon. No matter how powerful the dragon was, it was surely not enough to fight them.

She enjoined her son to be obedient, and Di Hao acknowledged her concerns with a few chuckles.

While they were still chatting, Yun Yanli’s abrupt voice could be heard screaming from behind. “Di Hao, are you trying to kill yourself? Get down from it now!”

Yun Yanli’s instructions alarmed her. She could tell that he was raising his voice from at least a hundred meters away from Di Hao.

“Mother, let’s continue next time. There is no need for you to worry about me. I am doing just fine.” Di Hao ended the call abruptly.

That left Gu Xijiu baffled. Yun Yanli was slightly depressed, but he rarely lost his composure. He was definitely a refined gentleman. Therefore, Di Hao must have done something terrible.

Yun Yanli was utterly annoyed.

When Di Hao spoke to his mother, he was sitting on top of a snowy-white Flood Dragon. He hung himself around its horns and was being flung around like a mini windmill.

The Flood Dragon was no ordinary one. It was about to become a nightmare for them.Normally, a Flood Dragon’s spiritual power would be around level ten, thus making its existence somewhat spectacular in the land of mortals. No one dared to approach them. However, Yun Yanli could still easily defeat them all, even if ten Flood Dragons chose to attack him at once.

Hence, when Di Hao told Yun Yanli to hunt down a Flood Dragon in exchange for his freedom, he did not hesitate to agree.

Never had he expected that the Flood Dragon that Di Hao found was the king of the herd! Furthermore, it was about to reach its next stage of evolution into a real dragon!

There were strict conditions to decide whether a Flood Dragon could be transformed into a real dragon. Sometimes, the probability was less than one in a million.However, if a Flood Dragon was able to meet all the conditions, it definitely had eminent qualities that were unparalleled with the rest of its kind.

The snowy-white Flood Dragon in front of them was the best of its kind.It had been cultivating for more than 10,000 years now, which made it more ancient than any of the other beings in the Starry Crescent Land.

It barely showed itself in public and had been hiding and cultivating in isolation, near a mountain covered in snow. Its trails were so perfectly hidden that no one ever noticed its existence, not even Di Fuyi.

Today was finally the day it could become a real dragon. It could achieve its lifelong dream!It was lying in a pool of clear water while trying to absorb the essence of the moon through a rift. Meanwhile, it had to spit out its internal pill so that dragon scales could slowly form around its body.

The physical transformation was a difficult journey, but it was all worth it. When the final piece of its scale was transformed, it could finally become a mighty dragon! Unfortunately, three invaders interrupted it when it was two-thirds done.

Not wanting to get distracted, it set off a tremendous pressure in the air in an attempt to sweep the three invaders away. To its surprise, only the lady was affected.Furthermore, the little boy took away the Dragon Pearl that was hanging loosely by its mouth.

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