Chapter 2731 She Loved What He Just Said

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Gu Xijiu started to doubt herself. “It does not sound right. Nuwa Empress knew how to make human figurines out of clay. She was the very ancestor of all mankind. I know nothing of that sort. In fact, Fan Qianshi is the one who knows how to make humans. The clones that he made are just examples.”

Di Fuyi gently rubbed her temples and said, “Silly, that was only a metaphor. I was only describing the relationship between Fan Qianshi and I. I am not Fuxi, and he is not Pangu. As for Nuwa Empress, there is no sign of any connection between you and her. She only exists in folk tales.”

Gu Xijiu fell back onto the bed. “That is disappointing. I thought I could be more powerful and noble.”

Di Fuyi lay down by her side and pulled her into his arms. “Just be yourself. There is only one of you. No one can ever replace you. Why should you care about having a different identity?”

She loved what he just said.Her broad smile clearly showed how happy she was at that remark. “Actually, I only want to be your perfect match. But, there is no denying that I wish I could be as mighty as Nuwa Empress.”

Delightfully, Di Fuyi answered, “I don’t like Nuwa; I only like Gu Xijiu.”

His words melted her heart.

Gu Xijiu buried her head in his chest. “Yes, I am your one and only, so are you to me. Regardless of your identity, the one thing I want for us is to be together forever.”

He could feel her warm breaths on his skin and her soft body in his arms. Aroused, his blood started boiling in excitement.

They had not had sex ever since they were reunited. Each night, he had to suppress his sexual desires every time he held her in his arms. Their sweet exchange was also a cause of physical and mental suffering to him. He wanted to make love to her so badly. Nonetheless, she had just passed her first trimester, so it should be safe for them to have sex.

He continued to gaze at her intensely. Playfully, his fingers slowly circled her waist tie, still deciding whether he should pull her robes open. “Xijiu, is it time?”

Gu Xijiu looked up and caught the burning look in his eye. She could tell that he was aroused just from one look. “I…” She stammered a little. Her cheeks were already flushing crimson.

Di Fuyi waited for a while, but she still had not answered his request. He thought that she was reluctant and was slightly disappointed to learn that. “It is all right. I can wait until the baby is finally here,” he replied with a smile.

With that in mind, he did not want to be on the bed anymore. He decided to go outside for a stroll and calm himself down in isolation. To his surprise, Gu Xijiu suddenly wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

Di Fuyi suddenly became motionless. He could feel her heat even through a layer of clothes. She said with involuntary pauses, “Actually… There is no need to wait. We just have to… I have to be careful.”

Di Fuyi’s eyes glistened with excitement. He turned around and pulled her body into his embrace. Needless to say, both of them started panting in excitement. He kissed her lips softly and whispered, “I will be careful.”

They both felt a strong longing for each other. Finally, they were able to be free and express their love for one another. They started to get undressed, with all of the clothes sent across the air and folded tidily on the rack next to the bed.

Behind the thin curtains, the man and the woman had been stripped naked. Intertwined, the couple was drenched in ecstasy, for making love was an instrument of romantic expression for their passionate love.

Gu Xijiu fell asleep. This time, she was happy. She seemed relaxed and pleased.

Di Fuyi sat against the wall. Troubled, he had a hard time sleeping, so he sat and watched her sleep for a tremendously long time. Their lovemaking was not easy. The entire time, he had to be soft and careful to avoid hurting the baby in her tummy. Hence, he was not fully satisfied.

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