Chapter 2726 Seek Her Salve Where She Gets Her Sore (4)

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Di Fuyi took her hand and dived right in. “Let’s go and have a look.”

Di Fuyi was at the peak of his Kung Fu and spiritual power prowess, so diving into the sea was no longer a problem for him. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu stayed within the wizardry barrier that he had created and did not get wet at all.

The crystal palace still looked the same; it was as majestic and ethereal as ever.Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu walked into the crystal palace, hand in hand. Little stones of amber and jade paved their way in. Soon, they came across a big stone that was carved all over with Di Fuyi’s name.

Every stroke of every word was so deeply carved onto the solid surface, which clearly showed how anxious she was when she made those marks. She was desperate to make the words stay.

“You made those marks, didn’t you?” Di Fuyi asked.

Gu Xijiu cleared her throat before responding, “Your names would always disappear right after I carved them. I refused to believe it, so I frantically carved every surface that I could find, but none of them lasted. Now they are here. In fact, they are all over the place.”

She described it with a calm face, but deep down, a myriad of thoughts filled her heart.

Di Fuyi held her hand and said, “Tell me the details. Share everything with me. I want to know what happened after I was immortalized.”

Gu Xijiu was a little reluctant. Those were the times that she did not want to relive. However, since Di Fuyi looked serious about his question, she decided to comply and shared her side of the story. She thought that she would be overwhelmed by sadness when she talked about the painful past, but the way he wrapped his arm around her made her feel better. He was trying to prove to her that no matter how bad the past might have been, he was here with her now, in the present.

She sighed with emotions when she revisited her old haunts, but she was not as profoundly affected as she thought she would be.His undivided attention made her feel like talking more and more. Slowly, they entered the gardens and saw a phrase that filled the entire place – Di and Jiu, forever.

Some were written neatly. Others were just words scribbled in different sizes and fonts. These carvings filled every surface that one could possibly find. It was easy to picture how desperate she must have been.

This unsynchronized mess ruined the view of the gardens for any ordinary passerby, but not to Di Fuyi. He cherished every little carving that he found along the way.

Gu Xijiu was noticeably a little embarrassed. “I could not make your name stay, but these phrases did, so I kept carving and carving. I woke up the next day feeling defeated by the heavenly law and ended up losing all memory of you. When I first saw these phrases, I thought I was crazy.”

“The master of heavenly law is such a bastard!” Di Fuyi could not help but curse.

Gu Xijiu wanted to remind him not to scold himself, but she was not allowed to spill the heavenly secret. Quietly, she swallowed her words and acted normally.

After the talk, she found herself to be quite relieved. For the first time, she felt as if her sense of melancholy and yearning had fizzled out. Perhaps, there was a sense of closure to it all.

Di Fuyi saw the change in her expression and was convinced that she had just defeated the trauma. He believed that the best way to recover from trauma was to face it.

The more she tried to suppress her feelings, the more she was going to suffer. Therefore, a good, long talk was the key to releasing the deeply distressing experiences that she had been keeping in her heart for too long.

Relieved, he sat her down on a chair while he went away to catch some fish.

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