Chapter 2723 Seek Her Salve Where She Gets Her Sore

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Mu Feng was dumbstruck by the sudden request. “Midwives?”

Di Fuyi proceeded to place his hand around Mu Feng’s shoulder in an authoritative manner. “Any problem?”

Mu Feng quickly explained, “Nothing. My Lord, why do you need midwives here? They are all mortals, so they cannot enter this place.”

He had a point.

Di Fuyi then answered, “They do not have to come here. Find me a few midwives so that I can ask them some questions.”

Mu Feng was really curious buttook the order and did as told. It had been a difficult journey for the Lord to return here. Mu Feng still found his Lord’s presence a bit surreal and hard to believe, like a dream that would disappear the next day.

The four messengers agreed to guard the area so that they could keep an eye on the Lord to make sure that he was real.

Mu Feng was undoubtedly effective in his search. In two hours, he managed to find over 20 midwives of different ages and experiences. All of them were gathered in one of the many halls of the Biwu Palace.

Di Fuyi was still in the room with Gu Xijiu. He lighted up an incense stick and swirled it around the room so that its fragrant odor could fill the air and make her sleep better. After everything was in place, he left the room and proceeded to the hall to meet his guests.

The midwives had never thought that they would be able to meet the Lord one day. When Di Fuyi showed up, all of them were so dumbstruck in astonishment that they could not even speak properly.

Luckily, they had not forgotten about their expertise. They were ready to help in any way that they were needed; however, Di Fuyi only needed them to answer one question – “What are the emotional changes that a pregnant woman might encounter?”

The midwives were a little nervous at first, as they were unsure of why they were needed here. They were relieved when Di Fuyi got the ball rolling with a question. They had encountered many pregnant women and dealt with their emotions, mostly daily, so they answered based on their own experience.

From the way they explained their encounters, Di Fuyi realized that each pregnancy was different.Some women experienced no emotional fluctuations, while others became completely different from who they were. The ones that were generally quiet prior to getting pregnant might become suspicious or even hysterical. Some women became depressed and suicidal.

There were so many different causes, but they all led back to the same conclusion – it was normal for a pregnant woman to be emotional. Having listened to their stories, Di Fuyi was finally relieved. It seemed like Xijiu’s changes were really due to her pregnancy. Being sensitive was one of the symptoms.

“What should I do to make my pregnant wife feel better?” He sincerely asked.

The midwives looked at each other in consternation. Men would not usually care about their wives’ emotions, especially if they were pregnant. In fact, they would be irritated even by the slightest change. In most cases, they would abandon their wife and look for a good time with their concubines. Only a few of them actually cared about their pregnant wife’s feelings. It was rare to find a man who was willing to put in the effort to make his pregnant wife feel better.

They were especially surprised when the concern was coming from the Lord, who was always known to be mighty and superior. They felt a closer connection to him all of a sudden.He seemed quite down to earth at that moment.

The midwives offered him every advice that they could think of. For example, they told him to be present, to talk to her more often, and to do things that she loved to do. Most of the pregnant women would also become picky with food, so they suggested that he prepared her favorite foods for her. As long as she felt loved by her husband, her insecurities would slowly fade.

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