Chapter 2721 Insecure About Losses And Gains (3)

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The people of the Blue Fox family were even tasked to build houses and manage the farms for the people of the Blue Fox planet. Basically, all the basic chores were their responsibilities.

Although they shared the same origin with these raiders, they were not treated well or given any respect. These people from the Blue Fox Planet would often make fun of them by calling them mixed blood. At times, they would get beaten or even killed. The Blue Fox family hated these raiders, but there was nothing they could do.

Lan Yue tried to get more information from Duan Muyan as to why they came to the Starry Crescent Land and found out that the raiders were only here because of the signals that were transmitted by the statues in the square inside the base of Blue Fox family. The statues had been there for about 10,000 years, and yet Lan Yue knew nothing about the statues’ communicating purposes.

Perhaps their ancestors made the statues to connect with their people from their faraway homeland so that someday they could return to where they came from. However, Lan Yue was not interested in leaving the place.

The Blue Fox family had completely adapted to the conditions of Starry Crescent Land, a place where they called home. They were not ready to leave this place and return to the Blue Fox planet at the far end of the galaxy.

Contrary to the information he received, Lan Yue had always thought that the statues were dedicated to their ancestors. If he knew that these statues were actually some communication devices, he would have shattered them a long time ago.

Di Fuyi offered him the choice to leave the Starry Crescent Land in peace, along with the invaders from Blue Fox planet, but he refused the offer without any second thought. He would rather die than leave Starry Crescent Land.

In order to move forward, Di Fuyi asked him to investigate the opinions of his people, so he immediately gathered all of them and offered them the same options. “We will never leave this place! No one here was ever interested in that damn planet!” All of them chanted in unison. Hence, there was no need for any additional discussion.

In order to prevent any further troubles, Di Fuyi had to wipe away some parts of their memory, so they no longer remembered their origin from the Blue Fox planet.Only Lan Yue knew the secret, so it served as a painful lesson for him not to repeat the same mistake.

Lan Yue was well aware of the severity and extent of his family’s secret, so he would never mention a word to the outside world. If the people knew the truth, the whole Blue Fox family would be accused as scapegoats by the angry people of the Starry Crescent Land. They would surely seek revenge for their loved ones who died in the hands of the raiders.

Certainly, there were conditions that came with the option of choosing to stay. All of the statues had to be demolished. Moreover, the wizardry barrier was no longer allowed. And, finally, the people of the Blue Fox family were allowed to get married to the common people.

Lan Yue agreed to all of the conditions. He was actually fond of a woman, but she was only a mortal from the common world. Due to the restrictions of his family, he was forced to stay within the limits and keep himself away from her. The abolishment of the marriage restriction meant that he was allowed to fight for his love.

To repay the Lord for what he had done for the Blue Fox family, Lan Yue offered him an ancient book that was extremely confidential that had been passed down from generation to generation.

These books were written in a font that looked like tadpoles, which could be the original language of the Blue Fox planet. However, as years went by, the practice of such language was gradually abandoned in the long course of life; so, no one could read the text anymore.

With that conclusion, the issues that surrounded the Blue Fox family were solved.

After that, Di Fuyi went to study the weapons that the raiders left behind. He asked everyone to gather all of the weapons they could find so that he could destroy them.

Mu Feng and the rest of the team did not quite agree, as they thought that these weapons could be incorporated into their defense system to protect the Starry Crescent Land from any future attacks. They told Di Fuyi about their thoughts.

“These things are not from the Starry Crescent Land and will only serve as an obstruction when we rebuild the wizardry barrier that shields the land. Also, these weapons will eventually fall into the hands of different powers, thus creating more fights and reigns of terror,” Di Fuyi patiently explained.

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