Chapter 2720 Insecure About Losses And Gains (2)

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When Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu finally returned to the Starry Crescent Land, their presence set the people’s hearts ablaze. As for Guan Yaning, he realized that everything had changed the moment he returned. Di Fuyi did not give him a chance to speak to his people.

Guan Yaning’s men watched helplessly as the powerful man took him away, but they did not know what was happening. Everyone just assumed that he would never be back again.

When Di Fuyi had just left, the people from the Blue Fox planet assessed their situation. Their marshal had left them. Their second-in-command was doomed under Di Fuyi’s reprimand. At the same time, both of the Lords of the Starry Crescent Land had returned stronger than ever. These survivors from another planet were powerless to defend themselves. In fact, the odds could not be more against them.Therefore, they decided to run away with the remaining ships that they had.

As there were too many of them to cater to, the whole process of fleeing took so long that it provided a perfect window for Mu Feng and his troops to arrive. Only then did they realize that the wizardry barrier that shielded their base had been completely breached. Needless to say, the powerful men of Tianju Hall fought their way right through the door.

Although these soldiers of Blue Fox planet were equipped with the strongest weapons and the most advanced technology, their physical bodies were not able to withstand the spiritual power of their opponents. There was no way they could fight back.

The people of Tianju Hall hated these raiders, so they spared no mercy in their attack. After a long battle of blood and fire, the battlefield became a gruesome sight of dead bodies – mostly of the soldiers from the Blue Fox planet. Only a dozen of them ran away in a flurry with their own ship.

When Guan Yaning arrived, the base was entirely destroyed. Tons of battleships had been badly damaged while bodies of his men were scattered everywhere lifelessly. He only managed to find a dozen lucky survivors in their toughest fort, their spaceship. The rest were dead.

Guan Yaning could not handle the loss and spat a mouth of blood, but there was already nothing he could do to turn the situation around. He could not even blame Di Fuyi, as all of this happened before Di Fuyi made the promise.

As a marauder, he always knew that one day he would have to pay for his crimes. Since they had slaughtered the people of the Starry Crescent Land, it was time for them to pay back for what they had done, blood for blood.

Guan Yaning had nothing to say. The Starry Crescent Land was no longer the place for them. He gathered everyone across the land – about 50 of them had survived. They left the place in shame and disgrace.

As for the people of the Blue Fox family, not many outsiders knew about their origin. Only Yan Chen and the Lords knew that the Blue Fox family actually brought these raiders in. Di Fuyi went straight to Lan Yue to figure out the actual involvement of the Blue Fox family in the invasion. Without any hesitation, Lan Yue told him everything that he needed to know.

The ancestors of the Blue Fox family had an ancient belief that their family actually came from another world. Still, no one actually took those words seriously as the story was old. Life went on as usual, until the day when the raiders arrived so suddenly at the base of the Blue Fox family.

Luckily, Duan Muyan only took the space as a place for him to gather his troops and never drove the Blue Fox family to extinction. However, Duan Muyan did give Lan Yue options- he could either work closely with his soldiers to build a center for their operation or watch as his people perish.

In order to protect his people, he chose the first option and lived on with shame. As the king of the Blue Fox family, Lan Yue was placed in captivity in a secluded end of the fort. Like a puppet, his existence was only used to make his people feel secure so that these people could maintain the wizardry barrier that shielded the base.

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