Chapter 2715 The Compensation That Di Fuyi Asked For

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The bird gave him a wink and started talking in a human voice. “Little Di Hao, I did not expect to see you here. Why are you inside this metal cage? It looks so weird.” The bird’s voice sounded surprisingly melodious.

Guan Yaning was astonished. His metal ship was not weird at all. In fact, it was the bird that was the weird creature around here.

He had never seen a bird this size. Moreover, one that could also talk. Guan Yaning tried very hard to see what was behind the bird, but its gigantic size blocked his sight.

Di Hao waved at the bird again and said, “You may all come in.”

Guan Yaning was beyond shocked. The bird was obviously bigger than his ship. How was it going to fit in?

“Great!” The bird swiftly agreed before Guan Yaning even said anything. A blinding light flashed before his eyes, and the bird disappeared entirely. Surprisingly, six more visitors showed up in front of the ship. There were two women and four men, all equally young. They looked and dressed very differently.

One of them was wearing a set of long robes that was sky blue. The look in his eyes clearly showed how good he felt about his handsome self. “Open the door. Let us in,” he said while knocking on the glass.

It was the voice of the bird! Guan Yaning was dumbstruck. He tried to maintain his composure as he opened the door for them.

In another cabin, Di Fuyi was trying to get a short nap while holding Gu Xijiu in his arms.

Gu Xijiu was quite unsettled, so she was not ready to join him. Nonetheless, Di Fuyi dragged her straight to the bed without listening to her explanations. He even took off her shoes. “Listen to me. Lie down with me for a while.”

Overwhelmed by the joy of their reunion, Gu Xijiu could not find the heart to reject him. Hence, she obliged. Di Fuyi crawled up next to her and gently hugged her in his arms. Ever since he recovered his memory, they had not been able to spend time together.

At this very moment, Gu Xijiu was completely in his embrace, overwhelmed by the familiar scent that she had been longing for. He was still the same strong and handsome man that she loved. Her heart was thumping fast, just being close to him.

She could feel how desperate he was for her the moment they kissed. She knew how much he wanted her.

Fortunately, the cabin was completely sealed and private. Di Fuyi filled the space with a bed and a mattress that he had prepared himself. Everything he needed for a romantic night was ready, so Gu Xijiu assumed that there was no way he would let her escape this time.

She tried to examine her own pulse just to be safe. As the product of a union between a god and a goddess, perhaps the baby would be born with supreme qualities that escalated her growth. Gu Xijiu felt like she was already three months pregnant by now.

After the first trimester, it was safe for a pregnant woman to have sex. If she was careful enough, she should be able to satisfy his physical needs. Frankly, she never expected that they would be reunited so soon. Her entire heart was filled with joy. Therefore, there was nothing she would not do to make him happy. She would surely make love to him if he asked her to.

To her surprise, all he wanted was to examine her pulse to make sure that she was doing fine. “Let’s sleep,” he said while planting a soft kiss on her forehead. He then closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Gu Xijiu was surprised. She realized she was not sleepy yet, so she turned around and watched him sleep instead.

He was sleeping soundly and hardly moved. His curled, and long eyelashes immediately caught her attention. She then slowly traced it down to his crimson lips. Surprisingly, there were dark circles around his eyes. She gasped.

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