Chapter 2710 A Family Of Three (3)

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Guan Yaning was familiar with the sturdiness of the marshal’s warship. In fact, he knew that better than anyone else. He used to think that nothing was strong enough to destroy it. According to Duan Muyan, it was a gift from the heaven and the earth and contained the power of the sun and the moon. He never expected to see the warship disintegrated so easily and quickly. In fact, he just could not believe it to the point where his mouth was left ajar.

Little Di Hao was still next to him. The kid smiled and cheered, “Success!”

“Ah?” Guan Yaning looked back at the place where he last saw Duan Muyan’s spaceship and widened his eyes but could not see anything. “Are you saying that your father was successful? Why don’t I see him?”

“If you can see them, then perhaps there is something wrong.” Di Hao chuckled. His father had set up a wizardry barrier that could conceal his actions.Even though Di Hao was familiar with this type of barrier, he could only see the shadows of his parents flashing around and nothing else.

Poor Guan Yaning was confused, and no one was there to explain what was happening to him. After pondering about the situation a little longer, he asked, “What about Duan Muyan?”

Although he was mad, he still cared about his buddy. After all, they had been fighting together for so many years.

“Duan Muyan died more than two months ago.” Di Hao’s tone was firm. ” You don’t have to think about him anymore. My sincere condolences to you.”

Guan Yaning was stunned. “I… I heard that if one’s body is possessed, their original soul will not die but will be squeezed into a corner of their body…”

“Since such a powerful person possessed him, do you think he will still have a space for his soul inside his body? The fact that this marshal had all of Duan Muyan’s memories proves that his soul had been swallowed up by him. There is no chance for him to be still alive.”

“What… What about his body?” Guan Yaning could not help but inquire.

“His body was there in the battleship. However, if I am not mistaken, it should have disintegrated along with the battleship.”

Guan Yaning could not believe it. “Little guy, you were not there. How can you be sure?”

Infuriated, Di Hao chose to ignore him. Meanwhile, the general looked into the distance and felt a sense of sorrow creeping in on him. Hismarshal was dead, and the two Lords had returned. Did they still have to stay on this continent? He knew that he needed to return to the Starry Crescent Land andget his people out! Otherwise, the whole army would be annihilated.

“Do you regret coming here?” Di Hao’s question caused a stir in his stomach. The little kid could accurately guess his thoughts.

Guan Yaning looked at the console in front of him and wondered when he could turn back. He could not see either of the Lords, so he was not even sure if he needed to wait for them. If he turned the ship around, would he face the same fate as the marshal? The Lord would not do that, right? After all, this little guy was still on board! Even a fierce tiger would not kill its son.

Perhaps, he could take this little guy away as a hostage. When he returned to the Starry Crescent Land, he would negotiate terms with the two Lords to spare his life and his people. Guan Yaning no longer had the intention to rule the continent. He just wanted to bring his people home. Needless to say, that would be a challenging task given his circumstances.

After all, they had done a lot of bad things to rule this continent. They took out all people in the Starry Crescent Land. Revenge was all but a certainty.The thought made the vein on Guan Yaning’s forehead twitch rigorously. He glanced at Di Hao, who was at his side, and tried to assess his chances. This little guy was so tender and small that he could probably hurt him with one finger.

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