Chapter 2709 A Family Of Three (2)

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Just when Gu Xijiu was about to tell Di Fuyi of his origin, the Firmament Stone on her wrist quickly sent her directed audio message. “Master, you cannot tell him!”

Gu Xijiu was startled by the Firmament Stone, but she also understood the consequences that could lie ahead if she were to spill another secret. Swiftly, she thought of something else to say and replied, “He is a bastard who is more powerful than a Great Deity…”

Di Fuyi stared at the Firmament Stone, for he could tell that something was not right. In fear of being bullied by Di Fuyi, it stayed idol. Did the heavenly law somehow protect Fan Qianshi’s identity? Why would the Firmament Stone stop Gu Xijiu from telling him about their common enemy?

After all, Di Fuyi had been the Lord for a thousand years. No one knew better than him about the consequences of breaking a heavenly law. Once a secret is spilled, disaster was bound to strike. But at the same time, what could be more powerful than a Great Deity? Was the man the master of heavenly laws? It seemed impossible!

Shen Jiuli used to tell him about the master of the heavenly law. It was said that this person lived outside the six realms. He was in charge of the rise and fall of the world and would formulate the rules in the world to ensure its continued existence. He was strict but fair and did not allow for any biases. He was not even allowed to experience lust.

How could such a god use evil tricks like the mother and child venom to harm people? But at the same time, the manner in which Fan Qianshi fled clearly showed that he was extraordinarily skillful. If Di Fuyi fought with him alone, he might not even be considered his opponent.

Everything happened so quickly that Di Fuyi did not even have enough time to observe his appearance! The man was so mysterious that Di Fuyi could not even guess his intentions. Nonetheless, as long as Gu Xijiu returned to his side safely, everything else did not matter. He would do whatever he could when the time came.

Watching Di Fuyi contemplate the possible identity of the man had Gu Xijiu feeling rather miserable since she could not tell him the truth. However, his warm embrace helped her feel more at ease, even though she simply could not believe that he found her. His timing was impeccable.

“I… I thought you would only be back after… I… I didn’t expect you to come so soon.”

“Did I come back too early?” Di Fuyi tried to lighten the mood.

“Of course not! I wished you could have come back sooner!” Gu Xijiu quickly turned things around.

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course, I did. However, it is useless to miss you…” Gu Xijiu’s tone after her last remark was a little bit sad. She was too busy these days and deliberately did not want to think about him. The thought of missing was too hurtful, and she was trying to dispose of it.

“How could it be useless? If you had spent more time thinking about me, maybe I could have come back to you earlier!” Di Fuyi raised his hand and picked up her chin. He then gently kissed her on her lips. “I wondered if you had forgotten about me again!”

Gu Xijiu was speechless. What theory was that?She looked up at him and asked for a sincere explanation.

Di Fuyi looked at her bright eyes and smiled lazily. “I will tell you later; there is a more important thing to do now!”

“What is that…” Gu Xijiu did not quite finish her question as Di Fuyi covered her mouth.

He hugged her tightly and moved his body closer to hers. In the next second, he was kissing her with his warm lips all over her body. His movements were intense, perhaps even overbearing at times, like a man with a deep thirst. He was like a storm that swept through her whole body.

Just from his actions alone, Gu Xijiu knew that she no longer needed to ask her question from before. She closed her eyes to enhance her skin’s receptors and tried to feel every warm kiss he gave her. She definitely enjoyed it.

These days she had been missing him like crazy!

Guan Yaning stood in front of the console and tried to look away. He was stunned by what had happened right in front of his eyes!

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