Chapter 2708 A Family Of Three

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The colorful ray surged and flashed as it dynamited toward Fan Qianshi like a thunderbolt! Within seconds, it enveloped the man’s body entirely. However, instead of shrieks of pain, Fan Qianshi merely laughed.Later, a bright blue light seemed to enter the spaceship and took the man with it. He instantly disappeared from the damaged ship.

In an unlikely turn of events, Fan Qianshi fled the scene. He did not even have a conversation with Di Fuyi before leaving. Initially, Gu Xijiu expected a fierce battle between Di Fuyi and the man. Perhaps, it would be the most intense fight she had ever seen. It was an event that Gu Xijiu personally looked forward to as well since she had intentions to slice the man into bits.

Based on his skills and abilities, he should be able to deal with the two of them. It would not be an unfair fight for him. So, why did he run away so quickly?

While still deep in her contemplations, Gu Xijiu did not realize that she and Di Fuyi were no longer in the spaceship. Fortunately, the two of them left the ship in time as it seemed to have activated a self-destruct mode, which resulted in a giant firework being set off in space. It was actually a magnificent view.

Di Fuyi’s hand was carrying her in his arm, and she subconsciously grabbed his sleeve like old times. Blessed with the abilities of a god, they did not need to breathe, so it was okay for them to float around in space. The cold was bearable too.

“Should we chase after him?” Gu Xijiu hurriedly asked.

“No.” Di Fuyi shook his head slightly. “We can’t catch him.”

Gu Xijiu looked around to see if she could find any trace of the direction in which the man traveled but could not find anything. It seemed that this guy could travel faster than a battleship! This oddity begged Gu Xijiu to ponder why he used the ship in the first place.

“For the sake of the child-fetus. The quality of the clone body was too low to keep it alive in space.” Di Fuyi answered her question in her head and then briefly told her about the child-fetus.

A cold sweat broke out over Gu Xijiu’s forehead. She was pleasantly surprised that the body that Wu Wuyan’s soul had occupied was only a clone. However, it was frightening to learn that her belly seemed to house a monster that could destroy the world. No wonder it looked so strange.

The inhabitants of the world were genuinely fortunate that Di Fuyi arrived on time. Otherwise, that evil child would have been born! Perhaps, the primary victim in all of this was Wu Wuyan. Thinking of her spurred Gu Xijiu to tug on Di Fuyi’s sleeves again. “Did you destroy Wu Wuyan’s soul earlier?”

Di Fuyi looked at her little hand that was holding his sleeve and shook his head slightly. “I only intended to destroy the child-fetus. Was it Wu Wuyan’s soul that was inside the clone body?” He could still remember that woman.

Gu Xijiu nodded. “Yes, it was her.” While she answered, Gu Xijiu had already cast a spell to gather the pieces of her soul.

Di Fuyi’s eyes flashed slightly, but he did not intervene. He chose to watch her. After a moment, Gu Xijiu stopped and frowned. “Her soul has disappeared. Would it have dissipated faster since we are in space? Or was she brought away by Fan Qianshi again?”

To satisfy their curiosity, Di Fuyi also cast a spell in an attempt to collect the pieces of her soul. “You don’t have to search for her soul anymore. It is with Fan Qianshi.”

Gu Xijiu was furious just by the thought of that. “That bastard! I will not let him go!”

Di Fuyi hugged her in his arms and calmly said, “His name is Fan Qianshi? Who is he?”

“He is…”

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