Chapter 2706 Abandon (3)

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Fortunately, Gu Xijiu’s reaction was quick. She loosened her grip swiftly and managed to free her hand. Even so, her index finger was burning hot. When she looked at her finger, there seemed to be a cloud black gas hovering over it. The cloud then formed into the shape of a skull that seemed to be laughing at her!

Gu Xijiu had goosebumps from looking at it. She immediately cast a spell with her spiritual power to dissipate the black gas on her finger. Within seconds, her finger returned to normal.This was her first time experiencing such a strange phenomenon. She frowned and did not dare to make any rash decisions.

“Ponggg!” Wu Wuyan struggled in pain and eventually fell to the ground. Her face had turned pale due to the pain from the accelerated growth of her belly. She had the thought of removing her soul from Lan Waihu’s body but resisted the urge to do so. If her soul were to leave the body, it was likely that the child would die.

Despite Wu Wuyan twisting and turning in pain all over the ground, her master did not even turn back to look at her. This struck Wu Wuyan hard.“The wine… What was in it?” She asked softly.

“It was a potion to accelerate the growth of your baby.” Fan Qianshi finally looked at her. His voice was icily calm.

Wu Wuyan’s hand trembled as she caressed her belly. She had not delivered a baby before, so she did not know if the pain she was experiencing was normal. Nonetheless, she was willing to bear the pain as long as she could see the baby alive and healthy.

“Something is not right!” Gu Xijiu snorted as her eyes watched Wu Wuyan’s belly.

There was a colorful fog around her belly that had a exuded a rather gloomy and chilly feeling. That was an evil aura! It was similar to the cloud of has that Gu Xijiu saw hovering above her finger, only that it was thicker and more abundant.

How could Lan Waihu’s baby come with an evil aura? What was inside Lan Waihu’s belly?!

Wu Wuyan was so miserable, so she did not even see the colorful light. She subconsciously asked, “What… What is wrong?”

“You do not have a baby in your stomach!”

Gu Xijiu’s pinched her fingers together and shot a ray of light toward Wu Wuyan’s belly. However, it was blocked by some colorful magic and bounced back at her! Fortunately, Gu Xijiu was able to dodge it in time. The ray of light hit a table, and it disintegrated in an instant.

Was this thing so powerful? Gu Xijiu subconsciously knew that a great danger was before her. She did not hold back and took the opportunity to fire a few rays of light at Wu Wuyan’s belly.However, no matter what spell she cast, the end result was the same – more and more pieces of furniture ended up getting destroyed.

The repeated attacks did no damage whatsoever to Wu Wuyan’s belly, but Gu Xijiu could see that the colorful evil gas was becoming more and more potent. It also seemed to be converging into the face of a baby!

Although the baby seemed to be smiling, one glance was enough to confirm that it had an evil grin on its face.Wu Wuyan finally noticed the wicked child’s face. The child was smiling at her. When their eyes met, the child even licked his lips.

Wu Wuyan could see that there were needle-like teeth inside the mouth of the child! It was certainly a scary sight coming from a baby!What was this monster that she had been carrying?! Without delaying any further, sheclosed her eyes and started to execute the soul separation process.

She had always been very good at using this skill and could easily pull her soul out from any body. However, for the very first time, she failed to do so. No matter what she did, she could not break free. It seemed that her soul was trapped inside this body.

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