Chapter 2703 Loyalty (5)

Chapter 2703: Loyalty (5) Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Frankly, Gu Xijiu was rather surprised that Fan Qianshi would try to poison his own subordinate. Therefore, she did not pay attention to it at the beginning. After all, what reason would he have to kill her?

Unless perhaps this was to induce an abortion and get rid of the kid in her belly! Nonetheless, the smell of the liquid did not seem quite right to a trained physician like Gu Xijiu. Wu Wuyan’s response was also rather odd.

Quickly, she stole a glance at Fan Qianshi and saw that he was occupied by the spilled liquor.

“Wuyan,” Finally, he opened his mouth and called for his subordinate, who was on the verge of attacking Gu Xijiu. “Rest assured, the wine is fine. I have collected it for you. Come, you can have it again.” He handed over the glass of wine to her again.

Wu Wuyan was surprised. She had been with Fan Qianshi for many years, so she understood his likes and dislikes. Apparently, the man valued cleanliness a lot. Even if something precious had fallen to the ground, he would not want it anymore. But now, the man had actually consumed his spiritual power to collect some wine off the ground. This was strange for him to do.

She hesitated for a moment, and Fan Qianshi’s facial expression turned serious all of a sudden. “What’s wrong? Are you afraid that this wine is poisonous?”

Wu Wuyan stammered, “No… I am not…”

Fan Qianshi laughed and gently continued, “If this wine is really poisonous, do you plan to turn down this reward?” His voice may have sounded gentle, but the message was ice cold.

Wu Wuyan did not dare to say anything else. She picked up the glass of wine from his hand and said, “Master, you have overthought. I have never doubted you.”

Fan Qianshi faintly replied, “What if I really want to kill you?”

The more he spoke, the more Wu Wuyan felt silly for thinking that the wine was poisonous. “If the king wants his minister to die, the minister has to die. If you really want to kill me, I am willing to die for you!” She closed her eyes and raised the glass to her lips!

At this moment, Fan Qianshi was prepared for anything that Gu Xijiu could do to stop him. In fact, he had silently set up a wizardry barrier in front of Wu Wuyan. Therefore, if Gu Xijiu were going to take another shot at the glass, she must break through this barrier first. Whatever it was, she was not going to get the same opportunity as she did before.

Believing that he had sufficiently convinced Wu Wuyan, he knew that nothing could stop him anymore.

“Pangggg!” There was a muffled sound outside the ship, which sounded as if it had collided with a rock. A slight tremor was felt on the ship from the impact.

Gu Xijiu and Fan Qianshi were able to keep their balance, but Wu Wuyan lost her balance, and the glass in her hand flew out in the motion of a parabola.

“Pakkkk!” The glass of wine was shattered on the ground again, and its contents covered the floor again. Wu Wuyan was frightened and immediately kneeled. “Master, I did not do it intentionally…”

Fan Qianshi was speechless! The blue veins on his forehead popped out of his head at once! He raised his hand and was going to do something, but Gu Xijiu was quicker than him. She waved her sleeves and covered the wine in flames!

By the time Fan Qianshi was able to block the fire, the liquor on the ground had almost completely dried up.

“You!” Fan Qianshi suddenly raised his head and stared at Gu Xijiu. The aura that he had been concealing had suddenly surrounded his body. A number of objects in the cabin shattered under the immense pressure exuded from his body and his palms were blazing with a light that was ready to destroy anything in his path.

Wu Wuyan opened her eyes widely. She recognized this move from the man. He would only use this move when he was extremely angry. If he used this attack, she was sure that Gu Xijiu would disintegrate into dust along with the entire warship! If it were just a glass of wine, this reaction certainly seemed excessive. Was there really something in the wine?

Just as the realization hit her, she felt some heat radiating in her stomach. She also noticed that her belly seemed to swell. Her pretty face turned ashen very quickly.

Fan Qianshi noticed this and thought that the wine must be starting to take effect. He slowly retracted his palm and waved his sleeves to the front of the spaceship instead. In an instant, the wall had turned into a window so that he could see the outside of the ship. He wanted to see what had hit his ship earlier.

The man had set up an autonomous driving feature that could automatically avoid any obstacles. Therefore, it was extremely strange for his ship to have collided with a rock in space. Having looked outside, he saw no reason why the ship would have to collide with any objects. He involuntarily frowned and wondered if the mechanism in his ship was failing him.

Although it was rather odd, he did not have time to deal with it now, so he cast a spell to clear the path of the warship in order to prevent any other accidents. While doing so, he saw Guan Yaning’s battleship in the distance.

Why was this guy chasing after him? Did he come here to die? If so, he would fulfill his wish!

He waved his sleeves again, and Gu Xijiu saw that the controls emerged out of nowhere. Apparently, they were already in the control room, but the facilities inside were hidden away by Fan Qianshi’s mysterious abilities.

Gu Xijiu had also caught sight of the battleship and recognized that Guan Yaning owned it. She frowned a little as she did not expect him to chase after them. Was the general unhappy that his marshal had left him?

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