Chapter 2686 The Fallacies And Absurdities

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Although Gu Xijiu was confident that the parts about Di Fuyi were absurd, she also suspected that the rest of the video clip could have been designed to fool her. Nonetheless, there werea few key points that deserved her attention – Di Fuyi was the master of heavenly law, and Fan Qianshi was indeed the creator of the universe, so the story about the savage feud between these two must be true.

As for the origin of Di Fuyi, Gu Xijiu somewhat believed that the truth was not that simple. She found the explanation unreliable, though she did not have any evidence to support her point of view at that moment.

What was of greater urgency was the emergence of Fan Qianshi from the screen. It seemed like Long Fan, the mad scientist, was one of his many identities. The sight of the man hit her in panic, but she remained calm and composed on the surface.

As the creator of the universe, the level of Fan Qianshi’s Kung Fu must be unfathomable. Even as a Great Deity, she was not confident that she could defeat him. Furthermore, she was trapped in an enclosure that was possibly designed specifically to confine her. There must be something that he wanted from her, and without an airtight plan, there was no way she could escape on her own.

Fan Qianshi took another step closer to her, but she refused to be intimidated. She held her ground and asked, “Were you the one that led the people of Blue Fox planet here? Why would you want to do so? Simply to destroy the place?”

Fan Qianshi answered with a scornful smile, “Why can’t I? I do not appreciate the lives of the people on this continent. The reshuffling is necessary for the survival of the fittest. These filthy human species should not be occupying such a wealthy land.”

“You do not sound like a creator of lives. In fact, you seem more like a demon.”

Fan Qianshi took a look at his pinkish fingers. There was a huge ring on his middle finger that took the shape of a half-closed eye, which was quite a terrifying sight.

“I have created everything in this world, so I get to decide if they should stay or go. By taking away the undeserving, I am actually making space for the good ones to develop. Xijiu, you are too soft-hearted.”

“Really? If you are really that powerful, why didn’t you act as soon as you realized that the people here have become unfavorable to you? Furthermore, do you not even have the courage to face me in a fair fight? Is this what the creator of the universe should do? Don’t you think this is too dishonorable for a man like you?”

Fan Qianshi sat down across the table and poured her a drink. “Here. Try this wine.”

Gu Xijiu obviously noticed the overwhelming fragrance of tea in the air, so she looked at him in contempt and said, “Are you sure that your nose is all right? This clearly is a cup of tea.”

Fan Qianshi disarmed her with a smile. “It can be a cup of tea or a cup of wine; those are just ways of naming it. What if they chose to name it as a cup of wine instead of tea? Rules are man-made, and so are the names given to everything. So, why can’t I name it the way I want to?”

The idea sounded rather complicated, but Gu Xijiu was smart enough to grasp it.

“Are you trying to say that if mankind has decided all that is right or wrong, then these rules and definitions should be abolished as well?”

“Smart!” Impressed, Fan Qianshi clasped his hands in admiration of her wits. “These rules and regulations are from the heavenly law, which is a set of laws that Di Fuyi has developed over time. Why should I behave within the frame that he has set? I have my own ways of dealing with people and things.”

He tried to make his morally distorted behavior sound legitimate.

Gu Xijiu answered in all frankness, “In that case, I am actually glad that you are not the master of heavenly law. Otherwise, the world would be in chaos.”

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