Chapter 2680 Di Fuyi’s Past (4)

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Gu Xijiu had doubts in her mind about the accuracy of the video from the very beginning. She was actually not too focused on it until Di Fuyi entered the fray.It had only been a month since they parted ways, but it felt like an eternity. She missed him dearly.

It was beyond her expectation to see him again so soon, though only on a screen. She never knew that the creator of the universe also specifically created Di Fuyi. The fact that Di Fuyi was created clearly surprised her. She had always thought that the master of heavenly law was born by nature, through a long process of development based on the intrinsic qualities of the universe.

Could the contents of the video be true? Or had it been edited with personal biases? Who was the one who made the video? Many questions started to haunt Gu Xijiu, but she decided to keep on watching.

Di Fuyi, who was now in his usual purple robes, approached the creator of the universe and cordially bowed before him. The creator of the universe carefully observed the man and was impressed by what he had created. He then gifted Di Fuyi with a headband, embellished with a red gem that was crafted in the shape of a fox’s eye. As soon as Di Fuyi put the on the headband, his entire aura changed. It seemed to have emulated the aura of his creator.

The creator of the universe gave him some orders before going into a long, deep sleep in one of the hidden corners of the universe. Di Fuyi assumed his role and started touring the universe. Di Fuyi was portrayed as an intelligent man who got connected with people from different planets. They viewed him with the utmost respect and admiration. He was a god to these people. As time went by, his power slowly developed and became just as powerful as his creator.

After 10,000 years of sleep, the creator of the universe woke up to a world that he did not recognize — a set of rules governed every world, and every star moved in harmony and concord. Also, the man that he created had become the master of heavenly law in his absence.

In a unique space-time, he managed to control all the orbiting planets by using a star chart. Every being must act according to the heavenly law that he had made. Those who violated the rules were punished.

The creator of the universe was delighted to see a flourishing and prosperous panoramic sight spreading out before his eyes. He met up with Di Fuyi and wanted to compliment him for the wealth that he had brought upon the universe, but Di Fuyi had lost all sense of respect for his creator. Instead, he acted with hostility and violence.They would play chess as friends, but little did he know that Di Fuyi was always trying to stab him in the back.

The creator of the universe did not like that Di Fuyi was always making arbitrary decisions and peremptory actions, so he wanted to take back control of the universe. However, he could not risk disrupting the perfect harmony that had been governing the balance between each planet for so long.

The creator of the universe was not pleased by his loss of power. One day, he was inspired to create a beautiful woman by forging the essence of heaven and earth. When the display slowly zoomed into the appearance of the woman, Gu Xijiu was so shocked that she broke a corner of the table.

The woman looked exactly like her! The woman was Gu Xijiu! She never knew that the creator of the universe also created her.

Gu Xijiu rubbed her nose in bewilderment. Should she be proud of her heritage? She never knew that she shared the same past as Di Fuyi.

The woman appeared to treat her creator with great respect by acknowledging him as her godfather. In return, the creator of the universe treated her with great care and kindness. He would always explore the galaxies with her and study the culture of the different worlds.

Perhaps, because they had been together for a long time, they came to have developed feelings for each other. The female character seemed to have developed a greater sense of admiration for her creator, each passing day. She did not hide the thrill of infatuation in her eyes every time she looked at him. Very often, she would hug his arm as they laughed cheerfully together. In return, the creator of the universe thought of her as his source of happiness. The way he looked at her slowly changed as well.

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