Chapter 2678 Di Fuyi’s Past (2)

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Gu Xijiu entered one of the rooms in the battleship. While she expected to see walls encased with advanced technology, the place turned out to look more like a home. There was a table, a chair, and even a bed. Also, a black-inked painting was loosely hung on the wall, illustrating the ethereal beauty of a vast, starlit sky.

Gu Xijiu could not fathom the technique that was used to create the illustration. It looked so surreal like she was staring right into the vastness of the galaxy. Her head spun a little at the sight of the canvas.

Although she was a little startled by the interior design of the ship, she quickly made up her mind to explore the place further. In a brief moment, she could tell at once that no one was there. Had she made a mistake while teleporting?She was certainly not in the main control room of the ship. Had she gone into the bedroom instead?

While the place looked like a bedroom, oddly enough, there wasno door. Gu Xijiu tried to look for an exit, but there was none. Troubled, she decided to use her teleportation ability again.

“Bang!” She did not manage to get out of the room. Instead, she bumped straight into a wall.

Fortunately, the wall was not very hard. Furthermore, her protective barrier prevented her from getting injured. She steadied herself but was still baffled by what was stopping her from teleporting. Was it something in the walls?

Without wasting any time, she went around the place and tried every single wall in the room, but could not get past any of them. Apparently, the room was able to disable her teleportation skills. She was, indeed, trapped.

Everything seemed odd. It was easy for her to enter the room just now, but somehow there was no way out. Was it possible that the room was able to permit her entry and yet prevent her from exiting? So far, the best technology that Gu Xijiu had encountered as the one which could expose her invisibility spell. Why would her teleportation skill fail, too?

Confused, Gu Xijiu decided to explore the room further and sniffed around the room to pick up any clues. The smell felt very familiar to her like she had smelled something similar before. Nonetheless, she refused to believe that the small room was able to stop her from leaving the place.

If there was a way to get in, there must also be a way out, which must be hidden somewhere in the room. She just probably had to find out the mechanism of the place.

She wanted to look around but was distracted by a hissing sound. She turned around and saw a huge screen in place of the canvas that hung on the wall earlier. A video started playing.

Gu Xijiu was a little puzzled by the sudden activation of the screen. She heaved a sigh. Had she pressed on some kind of remote control? She observed her surroundings and noticed that her hand was pressing down on the surface of a jade table. There was no button or whatsoever on top of it.

Troubled, she decided to give the video a look and was shocked by what she saw. The video was not playing a documentary about the technological advancements achieved by the people of the Blue Fox planet. It also was notsomething men would watch to kill time. It was about a mythology from a long, long time ago.

The first image that popped out was the vastness of the galaxy in the background, with many lines that crisscrossed and many dots that connected to one another. Everything seemed connected to one another and slowly revealed a man. Like a newborn, the man was without any clothes to cover his naked body. He simply lay quietly in the darkness. The man seemed to be in the process of being formed from the darkness, with every line of his muscular body being meticulously created.

Gu Xijiu cursed and turned her eyes away from the screen. She could not look at any other naked man other than Di Fuyi, despite being quite impressed by the man’s perfect body, which was so vividly crafted like the statue of Michelangelo’s David.

When she looked at the screen again, the man was already well dressed. Gu Xijiu could not help but stare at his robes fixedly. She could not figure out what the robes were made of. It seemed to have been made by something as light as a cloud, added with a little blue touch from the sky. The silhouette looked rather simple and loose on his body. As he stood in the wind, the robes danced around majestically. She was impressed by the man’s gracefulness.

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