Chapter 2649 Had She Misread The Sign? (2)

Chapter 2649: Had She Misread The Sign? (2) Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Initially, Gu Xijiu suspected that the Lan Waihu in Tianju Hall was a clone or an imposter. Likewise, she believed that the injured woman in the Blue Fox family’s base was the genuine Lan Waihu. However, she did not have enough evidence to make a sound conclusion. The sudden realization that she had found a way to distinguish the two startled her. She decided to teleport to Yan Chen right away so that she could discuss the matter with him.

Yan Chen was currently residing with one of the disciples of Tianju Hall. Just when Gu Xijiu was about to arrive, a woman could be seen approaching Yan Chen urgently. “Brother Yan, Little Fox is not feeling very well. You should go and check on her.”

Panicked, Yan Chen quickly went to see his wife. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu quietly followed him without revealing her presence. Yan Chen broke into the room abruptly and rushed to his wife’s side. As for Gu Xijiu, she used the invisibility spell and went in unnoticed.

Lan Waihu was lying on the bed, looking pale and weak. Her lips were pouted as a reaction to the discomfort that she seemed to be facing. However, her eyes lit up as soon as she saw Yan Chen. In fact, she sat right up and opened her arms widely to invite him. “Yan Chen!”

Yan Chen embraced her and quickly checked on her as well. “What is it? Why did your stomach ache all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because I have accidentally sprained my back.” Lan Waihu pressed her head on his chest and seemed to really be in pain.

Yan Chen became nervous by her actions. “How did you sprain your back? When did it happen? How do you feel right now?” He asked while trying to examine her pulse. Unfortunately, the man was not a medical expert. He could help with some simple external injuries, but he did not know much about the complications that came with pregnancy.

Lan Waihu stayed still and patiently waited for him to assess her situation. When she noticed that he was done reading her pulse, she continued, “It happened after you left me just now. I tried to catch up with you, but tripped over a stone and stumbled. I scraped my knees during the incident.” As soon as she brought up the injury, she rolled up her pants to reveal her knees to him.

Yan Chen’s heart ached. He felt bad for leaving her alone just now. “Silly, why didn’t you say anything earlier?” He quickly treated the wounds on her knees.

Little Fox was a tall woman who possessed long and slender legs. Her skin was as white and fair as the snow while her toes were small and exquisite, which perfectly complemented her well-arched feet. Although a woman’s feet were not as private as her breast, no one would simply reveal her legs in public for everyone to see. Only husbands were allowed to see their wives’ legs.

Yan Chen especially liked it when Little Fox revealed her legs in front of him. The sight of her slender legs usually got him excited. This time, she had put one of her legs on his lap. Her flawless skin looked even fairer under the light in the bedroom, which clearly caught the attention of the man in the room.

Although Yan Chen noticed what Little Fox was up to, surprisingly, he did not feel the excitement that he used to get when she seduced him in the past. He only kept his attention on her injured knees and applied some medicine to treat the wounds. Once he was done, Yan Chen proceeded to massage her legs to try to soothe the soreness.

“Yan Chen, my stomach is still hurting.”

The man had clearly been distracted by her legs and had forgotten about treating the main injury. The symptoms should not be taken lightly as Lan Waihu could lose the baby because of the fall. Therefore, he wanted to get her adequately checked as soon as possible. Unfortunately, he was not a doctor and was not able to do so himself.

“I will ask Xijiu to come and have a look.” Yan Chen rose to his feet as he spoke, but was halted by Lan Waihu.

“Yan Chen, there is no need for that.”


“It has been a really long day for Xijiu. She must be very tired now. Let her rest. We should not trouble her with our own inconveniences.” Lan Waihu sounded very kind and considerate.

“This is not a small matter. What if the baby is affected? Should I ask Doctor Meng to come and have a look at you? I heard she is good.”

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