Chapter 2639 Siege (4)

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The four messengers did not expect the group of people who snuck out to be attacked as soon as they had passed the wizardry barrier. They were almost completely annihilated. Only Yan Chen was able to return with Waihu.

“Back then, only a few of us had walked out of the wizardry barrier. If we all rushed out together, they might not be able to stop us. It will already be considered a success if one of us is able to escape from this calamity.”

“Yeah! That is right! Let’s not wait any longer!”

The remaining survivors were clearly rooting for this option. Being cooped up in this place for too long made them want to find any reason to escape.Mu Feng was also growing desperate. They had been holding on for so long, but the reinforcements had not come. It was possible that no one was going to rescue them.

If that were the case, perhaps rushing out altogether would provide them with a glimmer of hope. Maybe some of them would be able to survive. But this decision impactedthe lives of thousands of people, so he had to make sure that it was really a feasible option for everyone.

In fact, it was very likely that the four of them would survive if they were to rush out of Tianju Hall. However, Mu Feng was certain that not many of the remaining survivors would make it far.These people were the hope for the Starry Crescent Land. If the entire team was demolished, the Starry Crescent Land would no longer have a future.

On the other hand, if they did not try to escape, there was no grain of rice left in Tianju Hall to feed them. Even the grassroots had been dug up! They were bound to die of starvation if they continued to stay here.

Every time Gu Xijiu left the Starry Crescent Land, she would request that the four messengers do their best to protect the people here. It was truly a dilemma for them because protecting them might also mean killing them. Whatever decision they made, people were going to die anyway.

The revelation moved Mu Feng to tears. He glanced at the crowd below him and looked at his three brothers again in search of a solution. Mu Lei and the other messengers have been feeling miserable as well. They also wanted to leave the place, regardless of the consequences. It became clear from the facial expressions of the other messengers that they had made up their minds to fight till the end with these people! If they were destined to die, they would at least make sure their lives meant something at the very end.

Mu Feng’s attention then moved to Gu Canmo, Yan Chen, and his other close comrades. He was looking for their approval and support to move forward with the plan.

“Let’s do it!” Gu Canmo and Yan Chen responded together. They both looked desperate to do something for the team.

Mu Feng closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay! Let’s fight!”

Since everyone agreed with the idea of rushing out of Tianju Hall, the team started to pack their things and went to say their final words to their companions and relatives. After all, it was very likely that they would all perish tonight. But at least, they would die with their loved ones.

After some time, the four messengers, Gu Canmo, and the rest of the leaders stood in the square. They were waiting for the others to say their goodbyes and gather here once they were ready. After that, they would open the wizardry barrier and rush out altogether to distract the enemy.

As time passed, the people slowly grouped at the square. The three emperors of the different kingdoms had also come to the square under the protection of their respective subordinates. In fact, the three of them were very skillful and could significantly influence the battle. They were no longer dressed in their robes, but instead, wore an attire that was suitable for a fight. As leaders, they should set a good example and be willing to sacrifice their lives for their people.

Watching the respective emperors ready themselves for battle had hit everyone right in the heart. It was certainly a possible reality that none of them would live another day. The tragic atmosphere spread throughout the square like wildfire.

Qian Lingyu, the emperor of Haoyue Kingdom, drank some water from a bowl and then slammed it on the ground. He announced, “Everyone, let us gather on Huangquan road! Everyone needs to contribute to the fight! Even if we can only destroy one warplane, it would already be considered a success!”

“Okay, let’s assemble on Huangquan road! Let’s give them a fight!”

Everyone raised their bowls and finished their water. They raised the bowl in their hands and were about to smash it on the ground as well but were interrupted by a sudden breeze in the air. Someone asked, “What are you all doing?”

The sound of this person’s voice was cold but pleasant to hear. Even though Mu Feng still held the bowl in his hand at the time when this person spoke, the bowl slipped and fell to the ground. He quickly looked up to see who it was that had spoken.

He saw a new face in the square. This person was dressed in white and had a powerful aura that was accompanied by a beautiful face. It was none other than Gu Xijiu! Their Lord was finally back!




Countless bowls fell to the ground, and numerous pairs of eyes were focused on the Lord. The people did not even dare to blink their eyes as they were worried that it could just be a dream. Perhaps, the Lord would disappear if they were to get distracted for even a second.

The entire square was silent as the people held their breaths.

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