Chapter 2629 This Was Too Scary

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Guan Yaning was stunned by the immense power he witnessed Gu Xijiu exert on the ship. Over the past year, he had toiled with many male masters in the Starry Crescent Land. Several of them were skillful enough to destroy one of his small warships. That act alone had already impressed him a lot.

Nevertheless, no matter who the great admiral encountered, none of them were capable enough to enter into his ship. In fact, they could not even come close as they were always suppressed by his array of weapons.

Now, a small group of those people who dared to challenge him had hidden in Tianju Hall, and a wizardry barrier protected them. Fearing the power of the enemy, the admiral was certain that they would not choose to leave Tianju Hall anytime soon.

Guan Yaning had been attacking the wizardry barrier there in order to conquer the men who dared to challenge him. However, the barrier stood firm no matter what method he used. He had spent a reasonable amount of time analyzing the composition and structure of the wizardry barrier but did not come up with any useful information as to how to take it down.

In the end, he just chose to destroy his other targets in order to lure the people out of Tianju Hall. Besides, he believed that those people would come out one day! After all, the resources that they had available inside the barrier would be exhausted sooner or later.

The size of the wizardry barrier that secured the place was hardly anything to brag about. Therefore, Guan Yaning estimated that the resources inside would not be able to sustain the hundreds of people there for long. Whenever one of them attempted to leave, he would make sure a ship was prepared to enter and slaughter every last person inside.

By his estimates, he expected a breach in the wizardry barrier within a month from when it was formed. Nonetheless, it had already been three months, and he had not seen anyone come out. The admiral grew anxious and wondered how long it would take him to tear down Tianju Hall and be the rightful ruler of the Starry Crescent Land with no one else left to challenge him. But just then, the Lord showed up!

Gu Xijiu’s sudden emergence had changed Guan Yaning’s plans. He was under the impression that if he could catch their leader, these peasants would eventually surrender themselves. Unfortunately for the admiral, it was completely beyond his imagination that the Lord would be so powerful.

Guan Yaning had thought that he had possessed the most modern equipment in the Starry Crescent Land. Since he had a bigger gun, he believed he could control everything. He would simply attack anyone that did not submit to him and destroy them. Who would have guessed that he would have met his match along the way?

Even though the admiral did not use to believe in immortal beings, he was certain that the person in front of him definitely fit the bill. Prior to this, Guan Yaning used to believe that immortals were simply aliens with special abilities and that they had been wrongly exalted by fools who could not tell them apart.

Watching Gu Xijiu hijack his ship and use her bare palms to cause more damage to the barrier that he had in place compared to his own modern weapons, he realized that it was time for him to believe that immortals really did exist. The revelation was pounded into his brain repeatedly as Gu Xijiu continued to destroy the unprotected areas inside of his warplane.

Technically, the inside of the warplane was designed to be just as strong as the outside; no guns could destroy it. Hence, watching Gu Xijiu tear it apart with her own hands hit him to the core. This was too scary, in fact.

Guan Yaning did not care about being a gentleman anymore. He pressed a few buttons on the console, which released a toxin that could destroy all living things in the cabin. The toxic sprayed in the cabin like rain and covered almost every spot.

He quickly looked to see if Gu Xijiu would be affected by the toxin, only to find that the woman in white had suddenly disappeared.

Guan Yaning and his subordinates remained silent, but deep in their thoughts, they wondered where the woman went! Although they were protected from the toxins, they did not dare to step out of the barrier until the toxic had evaporated entirely. From where they stood, Guan Yaning attempted to check the monitors of the other cabins in his ship to see if Gu Xijiu had somehow repositioned herself.

Instead of finding any oddities in his own ship, the admiral noticed that something was going on in the ship beside him.That warship was the closest to the main ship, and the pilot had been loyally guarding his leader’s warplane in case of an external attack. At this moment, it suddenly swayed in the sky as though it was caught in a hurricane.

Guan Yaning suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart, and soon, his feeling turned into reality! The warplane was headed towards his vessel at lightning speed! The admiral’s facial expression changed abruptly as he knew that there was no way for him to deactivate the controls on that ship. The only way to stop the attack was to fire at the incoming ship.

Suddenly, a white light emerged from the admiral’s ship and covered his loyal subordinate’s warplane. In a matter of seconds, the light engulfed the plane along with anything that was inside of it.

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