Chapter 2620 Revenge (3)

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“We have not found the body. We are… We are going to look for it now.”

Indignant, the commanding officer was angered by the terse answer. “What a bunch of idiots!”

Before Huang could check the area in front of the control deck, the warplane suddenly changed direction again. This time, it was lunging forward at full speed and was headed directly toward the massive warplane in front of them.

“Ah!!! No!!!” The injured men in the warplane exclaimed as they were, once again, on the ground due to the intense and sudden movement of the vessel.

“Bastards! What are you doing? Stop it!”

“Stop it now!”

“If you don’t, I will shoot you down.”

A series of verbal abuse came through the broadcast.

Huang pulled himself together and went straight to the control deck, but was immediately repelled by an invisible wizardry barrier. He was sent across the air and crashed straight into a wall. The impact almost killed him.

The rest noticed how severe the situation was, so they all made their way forward and tried to take back control of the warplane. They needed to make it stop, or that would spell the end of their lives anyway.

Charging forward at full speed, all of them experienced the same fate as Huang and were repelled across the cabin.

“I will shoot now! Damn it! I will shoot you if you don’t stop the plane at once!” The commanding officer had run out of patience, and finally, he authorized the shooting.

The men in the cabin struggled to their feet, only to see a giant missile headed toward them. It was at that time that Gu Xijiu finally revealed herself. There she stood, in a dreamy white dress right next to the control deck. Gracefully, she turned around and bid these men farewell. “Bye.”

This was the last word they heard, and she was also the last person they saw before a blinding circle of light engulfed the warplane.

The commanding officer watched as the warplane was shattered into pieces and fell from the sky. His face sank in utter disappointment. He knew the power of the weapons he possessed. The plane, as well as every person on board, would surely perish.

“What a waste,” he sighed. He had yet to meet the beautiful Lord.

His warplane was currently hundreds of kilometers away from Xingyao City, but he insisted on returning. “Get us back to the city,” he swiftly commanded his crew.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Twenty other warplanes responded in unison as soon as they received his command, and all of them turned their planes around and were ready to fly back to the city.

“Sir, aren’t you going to look for the body of the Lord?”

“What for? She is surely a pile of ash by now!” The commanding officer was not very pleased by the stupid suggestion.

His second officer dared not speak another word and simply turned his attention back to the control deck instead.

“Damn, those idiots could not even secure a woman! What a great loss!” The commanding officer was still frustrated by his unfulfilled ambition to meet the lady.

“How great is the loss?” A woman could be heard whispering in his ear. Her voice was as eerie to him.Panicked, the commanding officer turned around and saw a woman in white standing behind him.

Her pitch-black hair was secured in place by an elegant jade hairpin, and her watery eyes glistened in the light like a myriad of stars shining in the darkest night. Her features, with her unprecedented aura and grace, would leave a profound impact on anyone.

The lady he longed for was simply standing elegantly in the corner of his ship. Yet, the officer had no words for her, as he was stunned by her beauty and could only stare at her in awe.

“The… The Lord!”

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