Chapter 2618 Revenge

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More importantly, she knew how the people of the Starry Crescent Land were holding up in the fight. It seemed like there was still hope since most of the skilled people here had not beenannihilated. Mu Feng and his men must have joined forces in the resistance. She needed to find them.

She also wanted to find the admiral that these men had spoken about. Playing hostage might be the fastest way for her to do so after all. As soon as the ship took off, it traveled a hundred times faster than sound. It was a smooth journey, however, due to the stability of the ship and its advanced technology.

About an hour later, a city slowly became visible to them. Gu Xijiu squinted her eyes in order to see it clearly. Soon, she recognized that it was Xingyao City, a place where the Feixing Kingdom used to settle its military affairs.

Frustrated by what she saw, Gu Xijiu clenched her fists tightly. Xingyao City was no longer the bustling place that it used to be. Commoners no longer roamed the streets. Instead, it was filled with arrogant and violent soldiers, each with multiple women in their arms. They walked around harassing people as they pleased, which was a completely revolting sight.

One of the women noticeably decided to push one of the arrogant men away, which triggered the heavily bearded man into a fit. He kicked the woman away and did not even wait for her to get back up before stomping his foot on her hand. As expected, the woman screamed in pain.

By the streets, some men were working tirelessly in construction. They all looked sallow and emaciated. Most of them were obviously carrying injuries on them, and none of their clothes were clean. Their ankles were chained, thus restricting their movement.

Upon seeing the woman being harassed, all of them were very frustrated by the bearded man’s aggressive mistreatment. One of them was so angry that he actually launched a strike at the man. “What an animal! Let her go!”

His level-three spiritual power supported his spell, and a ball of bright light could be seen headed toward the bearded man. Nonetheless, the bearded man tittered at the attempt without any intention to move away. The ball of bright light was extinguished once it made contact with the bearded man’s body. He did not even flinch.

“What a pariah! How dare you attack an officer!” One of the guards pressed a button, and it seemed to put the man in agonizing pain as he fell to his knees at first and then rolled on the ground. His skin started to burn to the point where the small of flesh lingered in the air.

“The Lord will be back one day! She will get revenge for all of us!” In the brief outburst of anger, the man no longer held back his frustration, for he knew he would not live long. “All of you are animals! One day you will get a taste of your own medicine! The Lord will not show you any mercy!” With tears and blood, he shouted out loud until his voice turned hoarse.

“Haha! What is a Lord? I bet this lady you speak of must be hiding somewhere! If she dares to show up, I will rape her on the spot and make her call me her daddy,” the bearded man made an arrogant and shameless remark.

While he was still laughing at his own humor, a warplane could be seen falling from the sky and crashing down at a blazing pace. In a matter of seconds, the bearded man and the team members close to him were crushed.

Although they were wearing their protective clothing, there was no chance they could survive the impact of a falling craft if they were hit at a direct angle. After the dust settled, the body of the bearded man could be seen hanging at the tip of the warplane without any sign of life. On the other hand, his companions were mostly dead, if not fatally injured. The crash site was instantly filled with mourning and sorrowful sounds.

As for the women, they quickly ran away as soon as the soldiers were distracted by the falling warplane. The warplane seemed to be targeted at the soldiers on the street. In fact, none of the women were hurt. They were shocked by the scene and stood in fear.

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