Chapter 2611 Returning

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It was Gu Xijiu’s first word after being swallowed by the vortex. She was not against the idea of returning to where she came from, but a warning would have been appreciated as she needed to take Di Fuyi and little Di Hao along with her.

All alone, she was spinning at high speed in the whirlpool, as if venturing into a high-tech washing machine.This time, the sensation she felt was not as bad as before. Also, her spiritual power was not reduced at all. The only unbearable thing was the fact that she had to spin through the entire process.

There was no way she could leave the vortex, so she could only submit to providence. Intuitively, she placed her hands on her tummy securely to make sure that nothing would happen to the baby.

She assumed that she would be taken back to the place in which she had come from, and frankly, did not mind. At least, she would get to reunite with the mussel and Lu Wu. She had missed them dearly. The mussel, too, missed her very much. It had been crying every day since her unplanned departure.

As soon as she returned to the Celestial Devil Continent, she planned to go straight to them. Then, she would visit Long Siye before returning to the Starry Crescent Land. She had been away for two years now and was worried that something might have happened though she certainly hoped not. After all, in the modern days, the earth seemed to be doing fine without a Lord.

“Dong!” Gu Xijiu was shocked by a sudden splash of water. Soon, she found herself drenched. Her eyes went blurry as she started to feel dizzy from the impact. Fortunately, her spiritual power as a Great Deity managed to keep her alive.

She opened her eyes and saw a lengthy blue river with sparkling water that tasted bad. It was somehow both salty and bitter. Nevertheless, it was a familiar taste – seawater. But which sea was she at?

The only sea in the Celestial Devil Continent was the Luosha Sea. Was she really there? She wondered why she did not remember falling from the sky this time. How did she end up in the water right away? She had not even seen how the sky looked like.

Upon impact, she had already found herself more than ten meters underwater. As a good swimmer, she intuitively started swimming towards the surface as soon as she was thrown into the sea.

“Splash! Splash! Splash!”

From a distance, something started to drift towards her at the speed of light. She focused her attention on the fast-moving figures and could immediately recognize them. Those figures had crystal-blue hair and seemed to be wearing some body-hugging wetsuits. The most noteworthy part about them was their beautiful fishtails. They were, indeed, some really beautiful mermaids.

She never knew that mermaids existed in the Celestial Devil Land. Before Gu Xijiu could make up her mind, the mermaids were already swimming by her side in a very anxious manner.

“Quick! Quick! They are here to catch us again!” One of the mermaids quickly warned her.

Who was the mermaid referring to?Were the celestial beings here so bored that they started messing with the mermaids? It did not seem very likely.

Although the mermaids lived with the fishes, they were actually considered more like humans. Mermaids certainly shared the same level of intelligence as them at the very least.

Nevertheless, being new here, Gu Xijiu was pretty much confused. She watched as themermaids swiftly swam away. Gu Xijiu did not follow them. Instead, she started swimming in the opposite direction. She needed to find out more about the people who were going after those mermaids. Also, she needed more information about her current location.

After swimming two or three meters, she stopped abruptly and gasped in disbelief.

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