Chapter 2608 Leaving (2)

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In the spur of the moment, Di Fuyi remembered something that Gu Xijiu had told him before. It seemed that the last time she was pulled into the whirlpool, she felt like she fell into a sea of knives that slashed her body thousands of times. She thought that perhaps it was because of the excruciating painthat she had lost her memory when she came to the Shura World.

From what she had shared, it could be inferred that Gu Xijiu would experience a painful journey back in the colorful vortex. Di Fuyi was especially concerned for her because she was now pregnant with their child.He was not sure if she would suffer a miscarriage.

The man’s fingers were tightly clenched under his sleeves. He heaved a sigh and flew toward the top of a nearby temple in the distance. What had happened? What did The Lord discover?

Just when the crowd was about to rush to the temple to check on what Di Fuyi had found, they saw a flash of light on the top of the temple.A majestic cold figure suddenly appeared in the air wearing faded white clothes. It was somewhat dirty as well, which made it seem as though this person had worn it for some time. In fact, one of the person’s sleeves was missing.

There was beard stubble around the person’s lips, which made him look rather haggard.It was Yun Yanli! He was no longer as proud and arrogant as before. In actuality, he looked very much like an old and lonely man.Di Fuyi had noticed him earlier, even though he used an invisibility spell to hide himself. He did not bother the man and let him watch as everything unfolded.However, now that Gu Xijiu was gone, he immediately exposed Yun Yanli’s presence.

“Di Fuyi, what are you doing?” Yun Yanli sounded cold. Although he was forced out by Di Fuyi, he was not panicked. Instead, he sneered. “Do you think that I am the one who created the colorful whirlpool that took her away?!”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself. You don’t have this ability yet.” Di Fuyi interrupted him.

Yun Yanli choked on his words and sneered again. “Why have you exposed my presence? Do you intend to treat me as your punching bag?”

Di Fuyi was too lazy to beat around the bush. He went straight to the point. “Tell me the fastest way to leave the Shura World. I believe that you know of a way. Please don’t change the topic.”

Yun Yanli remained silent. He did know the way; after all, he had gone back and forth many times. But why would he tell him?! Although he learned that his parents had died because of Zhu Duqing, he still blamed the incident on the Divine Couple.

Despite Di Fuyi’s help to free their souls from despair, Yun Yanli was not ready to help him that easily.Moreover, Di Fuyi had made him lose an arm not too long ago.

He looked up and condescendingly spoke, “I know the way out, but why would I tell you?”

Di Fuyi squinted his eyes at the man but did not respond.

Yun Yanli continued, “Of course, you can cut my other arm off or simply kill me. I don’t care. None of those methods are going to make me reveal the way out!”

Obviously, Yun Yanli had now become emotionless. He was no longer afraid of death. Perhaps, he was no longer afraid of anything. People who had nothing to lose were the hardest to negotiate a deal with.

Kun Xueyi originally wanted to jump in and say a few words. However, since Yun Yanli spoke in such an unhelpful manner, he simply smacked his head instead.

The onlookers had now regarded Di Fuyi as their savior. As for Yun Yanli, most people still hated him. They still blamed him for using the starry arrays for his own benefit. He had plagued many innocent lives.

Seeing his unwillingness to help Di Fuyi certainly made them infuriated. Many had cursed him from below, branding himas an ungrateful person.

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