Chapter 2607 Leaving

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Di Hao was stunned. “Mother!” Was his mother being struck by lightning?

Di Fuyi grabbed him aside and said, “Don’t be nervous; your mother’s skills are returning to her!”

Di Hao’s eyes lit up as he looked up into the air. Gu Xijiu was still absorbed inside the white light, with her eyes closed. Fortunately, it did not look like she was in pain.

After a while, the white seemed to burst into the air while Gu Xijiu gracefully returned to the ground in a white outfit with a faint auspicious light behind her body. Apparently, it was the standard outfit donned by a Great Deity.

Everyone in the crowd was in awe of what they had seen. Di Hao’s eyes lit up too as he watched his mother majestically make her way down.

As for Di Fuyi, he had a broad smile on his face, but it soon changed. Quickly, he leaped into the air towards her and said, “Be careful!”

Apparently, there was an oversized vortex behind Gu Xijiu! Upon observation, the whirlpool seemed to be made of circles of purple, red, and yellow. Later, Di Fuyi realized that it consisted of seven colors.

The center of the vortex was bright red and looked extraordinarily eye-catching. Although it had caught everyone’s attention, no one was prepared for what happened next. Even Gu Xijiu did not have time to look back as her body was sucked into the portal-like structure. She disappeared in the blink of an eye!

“Xijiu!” Di Fuyi called for her as he rushed forward.He was moving forward at breakneck speed, but the vortex disappeared too quickly.

Di Fuyi and Di Hao were stunned while everyone in the crowd remained silent. It was so quiet that all they could hear was the gentle breeze in the air.

Once the vortex had disappeared, the sky was clear again, and the Shura World had been restored to its usual tranquility. Everything was back to normal except for the woman in white who was swallowed by the colorful vortex.

When the incident occurred, the eight guardians of the Devil Kingdom were all present. Disbelieving, they felt as though they had been struck by lightning as they stood and looked at one another.Meanwhile, Di Fuyi levitated in the air at the location where the vortex had appeared before; the wind blew across his robes fiercely.

Feng Ruhuo and the rest finally came to their senses and quickly ordered their soldiers to search for Gu Xijiu.

“You don’t have to look for her. She has already left the Shura world.” Di Fuyi finally gave his input.It was a heavenly punishment to send her into the Shura World. Now that the Shura World had returned to normal, it was time for her to return to where she had come from.

Di Hao quickly went to Di Fuyi’s side and asked, “Father, what do we do now?”

Di Fuyi took a deep breath as he responded, “Well, we naturally have to leave!”

Before he came to the Shura World, Shen Jiuli had told him the way to leave this place. The method was somewhat complicated as it was necessary to prepare a range of items; it could take at least two years to collect all the necessary materials.

The Devil King had been here for more than a year and had collected some of the elements along the way, but there were still a few essential materials that he could not obtain until the Shura World returned to normal. Di Fuyi would need to wait for another year for those materials to grow.

His original plan was to travel around the Shura World with his wife and kid once he successfully dismantled the last starry array. He could pick up any treasures here for his daughter during his travels. He only planned on bringing them back to the Upper Bound after his daughter was born. After all, the technique consumed a lot of spiritual power, and the process was intense. It was not safe for Gu Xijiu to travel during her pregnancy or even when the child was too young.

As expected, his plan was very thorough. He had even thought of the places that he wanted to bring his family here in the Shura World. All the more reason why he was left so stunned when things changed so abruptly.

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