Chapter 2604 Her Husband Was Too Attractive!

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The insulted woman could not help but look at the beauty in Di Fuyi’s arms. At first, the woman could not see her appearance because Gu Xijiu was not facing her. However, it was probably Di Hao’s movement that caught her attention and made her turn to them.

As the woman finally managed to see Gu Xijiu, her pretty face instantly turned pale! Although she was undoubtedly beautiful, she was like a firefly while Gu Xijiu was like the moon. It was unreasonable to compare the two. Embarrassed, she turned and rushed back into the crowd to hide.

Gu Xijiu lips were slightly curved at the corners. She did not expect little Di Hao to dismiss such a peach for his father in just a few words. Her husband was too attractive! It was completely expected for him to have a few peaches come his way.Instead of waiting for Di Fuyi to say something witty, she openly hugged his neck to declare her ownership of the man. No other woman should waste their time pursuing him.

The family of three went directly into a restaurant to eat. Anelegant room was prepared early for them, and the restaurant’s best chefs made a tableful of delicious dishes for them. Since the starry array had been completely dismantled, the city’s sky now had rays of long-lost sunshine. Joyful scenes filled the streets around the city.

While eating, Di Fuyi received updates from his subordinates. As Di Fuyi had only destroyed the starry arrays in three cities, his subordinates were guarding the other starry arrays to prevent Zhu Duqing from attacking them. However, no one had seen Zhu Duqing.

Meanwhile, Kun Xueyi had met with Yun Yanli since the big battle. Kun Xueyi raised his hand to greet the man despite all the troubles he had gone through. Yun Yanli just nodded to him to acknowledge and walked pass him. “I think that Yun Yanli is also looking for Zhu Duqing to get his revenge. Sigh, I hope that he doesn’t find him. Since he is alone, I am afraid Zhu Duqing will kill him.”

Di Fuyi only answered briefly before ending the conversation.

Gu Xijiu listened for a moment and asked Di Fuyi, “Where do you think Zhu Duqing is hiding? In fact, I am somewhat puzzled. I thought that once his conspiracy was exposed, he would sneak into the starry arrays of the other cities and create a mess. But he hasn’t!”

Di Fuyi pondered for a moment but did not answer her question. Instead, he raised his hands and placed a chessboard on the table. He passed her the black pieces. “Do you remember how the two people in the dream played chess? Let’s imitate it, shall we?”

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow. “What?”

“If you can remember, try to imitate how the man in black made his moves. The more you can remember, the better.”

Gu Xijiu bit her lips. “I can remember every move.”

This time, it was Di Fuyi’s turn to be shocked. “Really? There are usually more than 100 pieces.” There were normally 361 pieces- 180 white and 181 black pieces. Therefore, Di Fuyi could not fathom how she could remember everything.

Gu Xijiu raised her head high and confirmed, “I remember the whole game of chess. Their game had more than 500 pieces and was much more complicated!”

Di Fuyi remained silent. “Can you still remember the arrangement of the pieces on the board?”

“Of course!”

Swiftly, Di Fuyi placed his hand on the board to erase its markings. “Draw it again.”

Gu Xijiu did not hesitate to comply with his request.

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