Chapter 2599 A Fight Between Father And Son (4)

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Was the man responsible for the fate of all the continents? Was he the master of heavenly law!? Di Fuyi’s fingers were tapping on the table as he began to think through the obvious clues and gradually approach the truth. Just as this thought entered his mind, thunder could be heard in the sky, as if a heavenly secret had been exposed. Then, he laughed!

Gu Xijiu stood at the door to check on Di Hao, only to find him stretching his small arms and legs. She occasionally turned her head to observe Di Fuyi and noticed that he was laughing at himself. So, she asked him, “What are you laughing at?”

Di Fuyi stood up and walked over to her; he then grabbed her waist and hugged her in his arms. “I was laughing because I realized that lifting rocks and dropping them on my own feet was actually quite painful.”

Gu Xijiu expressed to him that she did not understand what he meant. Unfortunately, Di Fuyi no longer explained himself. Instead, he asked her, “When should we leave?”

Gu Xijiu asked him in return, “What is the progress of your recovery?”

“I am almost done. I will not have a problem dismantling those starry arrays.”

“Okay, let’s go now then! Unfortunately, I have a low level of skill right now and can’t help you; otherwise, I could dismantle a few of them on my own,” Gu Xijiu said regretfully.

Although Di Fuyi’s skills were almost fully restored, her power remained stagnant and did not improve at all. She had no clue when she would return to her usual self.

“If everything goes according to plan, I believe your spiritual power will return to you once the Shura World is restored back to normal.”

Gu Xijiu’s eyes lit up as she heard the good news from Di Fuyi. “What are we waiting for then? Let’s go! Let’s quickly dismantle the starry arrays!”

“I will go too.” Di Hao jumped over and reached out to grab Gu Xijiu’s sleeve.

Di Fuyi rolled up his sleeve and pulled him over. “Bad boy! Don’t trouble your mother.” Naturally, they would bring him along since they came back to get him.

Di Hao struggled out from his arms and said, “I want to bring Little Xie.”

Little Xie? Di Hao raised his hand and whistled loudly. After a while, there was a white shadow that appeared in the distance. Soon, a silver-white beast appeared in the yard.

The animal was as big as a cow, while its posture was somewhat similar to a unicorn. Its eyes were as bright as the stars, and it looked mighty and strong. Xie Zhi! It was the creature that Gu Xijiu once mistakenly thought was a silver wolf. She did not expect it to grow so big in such a short time.

It was very affectionate when it walked around Gu Xijiu, with its head and tail swaying uncontrollably.

Gu Xijiu patted it on its back and said, “Xiao Xie, you have grown so big! That’s quite impressive! You can now carry your little master. In fact, if you can grow any bigger, you can even carry all three of us.”

Xie Zhi immediately raised its head and let out a sound that sounded very much like a whistle. Its body seemed to be momentarily covered by a white light all of a sudden, and when the light dispersed, its stature had grown by almost two-fold! It was now the size of an elephant!

This creature could actually change its size at will. Great! Since Xie Zhi had sincerely invited them all on its back, Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu did not reject it. The family of three rode on the back of Xie Zhi and headed out of the devil world toward the city.

Whenever they reached a city, they would be welcomed by the people. The city owners did not even dare to say anything to them. They would obediently lead Di Fuyi and his son into the cave with the starry array so that they could reconfigure the array and help the grievances to rest in peace.

Only Di Fuyi and Di Hao would enter the caves. Gu Xijiu would not go in. It was because Di Fuyi said that there was too much resentment in the starry arrays, and it was not good for her baby, so he asked her to wait outside.

As for Di Hao, Di Fuyi treated this kid is a man. A man must be trained since young. Moreover, he also wanted to indirectly prove to Gu Xijiu that he did treat Di Hao like his own son. At the very least, he would have taught him the secret of breaking the starry array!

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