Chapter 2590 Everything Felt So Surreal

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“Even if we could not stop him, at least we could be around to help him take down the man in black.”

“It is unnecessary. The Devil King and Miss Gu are inseparable now. We should give them some privacy. Your presence will not be appreciated if you insist on hanging around them. All right, we shall go now. We have better things to do.” Feng Ruhuo and the rest of her friends were having a little discussion on one of the hills. Soon, they ended the meeting and went straight to work.

In an inn of Luo Hua City, Gu Xijiu was enjoying a glass of honey. The inn was actually a place she knew. It was the place where she stayed with Shen Nianmo when they first arrived in the city. She chose to stay in the exact same room as before.

She recalled the moment when they first arrived here. He wanted to share a room with her but was rejected, so he moved to another room and disappeared the next day. Many things had happened during the time they were apart.

She had been keeping everything in the room in the same condition and would often visit the place from time to time to look for him. Nonetheless, she was always left disappointed.

Di Fuyi’s disappearance had thrown a gloom over the place. Coming back here again gave her an overwhelming rush of emotions as she recalled everything that had happened. Fortunately, things were not the same as they were before. This time, she was reunited with Di Fuyi.They intended to stay in the inn for only a short while, but he insisted on transforming the place to look like his second home.

Having gottenrid of the Star Formation, he immediately leaned his head on her shoulder and said that he needed a place to rest. Gu Xijiu knew how exhausted he must be after a long, tiring day. She wanted to find a better place for him to stay, but he wanted a place that he was more familiar with, so they returned to the inn.

He was her first and utmost priority, for she had waited too long for his return. Lovingly, she chose to put his requests on top of everything else. Although she did not feel all good about the inn, she chose to stay there with him.

Upon returning, Di Fuyi had assigned everyone with a different mission and hustled them off. As for the people who they met along the way, Di Fuyi also managed to keep them away from disturbing him with a few polite words.

The people had even cleared out the place and made sure that Di Fuyi would not be disturbed by anyone within a hundred-meter range. He told them that he liked the place to be quiet. Any noise, even a falling needle within a hundred meters, would disrupt his sleep.

Gu Xijiu could tell that his finicky patterns had also returned, along with his Kung Fu and his memory. At this very moment, Di Fuyi was having a bath in the bathroom next to her. Cleaning his body only required him to cast a simple spell, but he insisted on having a bath.

Gu Xijiu could not understand what he was really thinking, but she decided not to argue with him, as he was already tired enough.

She looked around the place while waiting; everything felt so surreal. There was a brand new cover, embroidered with a pair of floating mandarin ducks. The room was also separated by a six-sided folding screen, an antique shelf, and a small wooden table in the middle.

The decorations and furniture were so much like their home in the Lower Bound. Everything in the room reminded her of home, thus provoking a moment of nostalgia. Thinking about home, she could not help but wonder how Mu Feng and Mu Yun were doing at the moment.

As a Lord, she was not supposed to leave the Lower Bound for more than six months, but it had been more than a year since she had returned. The Lower Bound must have changed during her absence.

“Baby, what are you thinking about?” Someone approached and hugged her from behind.

She was immediately overwhelmed by a refreshing scent, which she immediately recognized.

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