Chapter 2588 She Is The True Savior Of Us All

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Although Gu Xijiu longed for his care, she was too shy to show her affection for him so publicly.

“I only want to carry you in my arms. If you don’t allow me to carry you, I will check on the Star Formation.” Di Fuyi pressed his finger against her lips to stop her from making any objections.

The people around them had clearly heard everything they shared, so they chimed in.

“Miss Gu, let Emperor Lord carry you!”

“Miss Gu, you should stay in his arms!”

“That is right. You are pregnant, so you must not do any strenuous activities. It will be better for Emperor Lord to carry you around.”

The wave of persuasions continued.

Gu Xijiu did not know how to argue with them. In fact, she was quite delighted by their response. Furthermore, she was beyond grateful to be in his arms again. Obediently, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. “All right, secure me in your arms and never leave me again,” she said while leaning her head against his chest.

However, she still felt the need to correct the public after some thoughtful considerations. “His surname is Di, but you should all address him as ‘Lord.’ It is how his people used to address him.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

“My Lord, you will definitely save us all from the miseries of the Shura World!”

“My Lord, heaven must have sent you here for our salvation!”

“My Lord!”

People rushed in to express how grateful and hopeful they were for having him.

Nevertheless, Di Fuyi was not too bothered by all this talk. He was used to being the center of attention for his entire life. “I am alive because of her. I would have been burned alive if it were not for her valiant efforts. She is also the one who discovered the Star Formations. You should be grateful to her,” he emphasized.

He gave the woman in his arms a squeeze. “She is the true savior of us all.”

Without a doubt, the people started thanking Gu Xijiu profusely with words of appreciation.

Gu Xijiu tightened her arms around his neck and sighed. “You are here to build my reputation again. Are you planning to leave me here to become their Lord?”

“Baby, you are overthinking.”

“If you leave me alone again, I promise to never speak to you again and to marry someone else instead!” Gu Xijiu had to threaten him to make herself feel better.

“Don’t worry. I will be here for you for all eternity. You have me.” She had been waiting for the promise for too long. Finally, she heard him promise her.

In the past, he would always talk about something else whenever she spoke about their future. She had always thought that there was something that he could not share with her, only to finally realize that he refused to promise her an eternity because he knew very well that there was no future for them.

Finally, he made the promise to seal their love forever. He was back for real this time and would never leave her again.

She looked to the sky and saw the dark clouds that were still blocking the sun. However, the dark skies did not bother her at all, as her heart was already blooming with joy like a beautiful spring day.

All of a sudden, she thought of Zhu Duqing again and started wondering what his real name could be. Troubled, she asked Di Fuyi, “Do you think that he somewhat resembles Long Fan?”

“Not quite alike, I reckon. Their temperament and Kung Fu are not exactly the same.”

Long Fan clearly did not share the same personality as Zhu Duqing. Furthermore, their Kung Fu was different. Nonetheless, they could not be sure as Zhu Duqing had rarely shown anyone his Kung Fu, so no one knew exactly how powerful he was. Moreover, the man who appeared in Yun Yanli’s dreams that helped him shape the half-orcs reminded Di Fuyi very much of Long Fan. He somehow felt that this must be connected to the man.

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