Chapter 2587 Do You Really Think I Am That Weak?

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Di Fuyi was reluctant to wait for a response from Yun Yanli and went straight to business. Streaks of seven-colored rays were cast, filling the square with enchanting lights. Soon, many pieces were gathered from all over the place and put together by the light.

Soon, two faint silhouettes could be seen floating in the air, swaying in a secured bubble of seven-colored rays. Their features were slowly emerging as more and more pieces came together. Breathlessly, Yun Yanli watched as the pieces came together, forming into two faces that he could immediately recognize.

There were a man and a woman – the former Emperor and Empress Immortals. After years of suffering, it was only natural that their faces looked weak and haggard. However, they looked undeniably better than two mummified corpses from before.

Yun Yanli rushed forward and called out loud, “Father! Mother!”

The Emperor and Empress Immortals stared at him blankly. It seemed that they had no recollection of him. But shortly after, they seemed to have recalled their past and looked at Yun Yanli with glowing eyes.


“Li Er.”

“Li Er, I am glad to be finally free,” the Emperor Immortal sighed after speaking. “Do not feel sad for us. You should live a meaningful life.”

“Yanli, I am happy that you have made the right decision.” The Empress Immortal reached out her hand, attempting to caress her son. However, her hand swept across his head from one side to another. She could not touch him.

Due to the manner in which they had been tortured, their souls were fragile and could not stay intact for long. After the brief exchange with their son, they were at risk of being torn apart again.

Yun Yanli was reluctant to be apart from his parents, but he also knew that their souls no longer belonged in his world. He looked at Di Fuyi with a heavy heart and suddenly kneeled. “My Emperor Lord, I beg you to expiate my parents’ sins,” he asked earnestly.

He knew how to expiate the sins of the dead, but could only perform the spell on souls that were in one piece. His parents’ souls were obviously incomplete, so a normal act of expiation would only cause their souls to fall apart and become scattered again.

Di Fuyi did not make things any harder for him. He raised his hand and held their souls in two separate halos of seven-colored light. “Forget that you were once an immortal. Forget that you were once a spirit. What happens in this life stays and ends in this life. Now go.” Swiftly, he sent the light bubbles away and watched as they disappeared at the edge of the sky.

Yun Yanli closed his eyes as he fell to the ground and bowed a few times as a sign of gratitude. Quietly, he then got to his feet and was ready to leave.

Feng Ruhuo was not pleased with the way he showed his gratitude. “Our master has done a great deal for him, and yet he only bowed for a few times in return?”

Kun Xueyi disagreed. “Little lunatic, you know nothing about men.”

Feng Ruhuo was irritated. “How many times do I have to tell you? Do not call me a lunatic!”

Kun Xueyi was not in the mood to argue with her, so he turned around and left swiftly. “I am going to have a look at the Star Formation. The resentful spirits must not be freed; otherwise, they will taunt the people even more.” With a leap, he disappeared from the place.

Gu Xijiu then asked Di Fuyi, “Shall we go and have a look at the Star Formations as well? That place is full of trouble, so we should quickly destroy them. By the way, how are you feeling? Do you need to rest?”

Di Fuyi had just been through a major catastrophe and was forced to deal with so many things at once. He must be drained by all that had happened.

Gu Xijiu recalled how weak she was right after a catastrophe. Therefore, she felt that he must be feeling quite weak right now, although he did not show it.

Di Fuyi caressed her face affectionately and said, “Darling, do you really think I am that weak?”

He reached out for her and carried her in his arms right away. “Let’s go and check out the damn Star Formation in this city!”

“Hey! Put me down! I can walk.”

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